[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Z06 Crashes into a Tree While Leaving a Scottsdale Car Meetup


[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Z06 Crashes into a Tree While Leaving a Scottsdale Car Meetup

A Corvette Z06 is one of the fastest and most incredible performance cars for the price. It comes with 650 horsepower and 650 lb-fts of torque and an optional Z07 performance package that will add aerodynamics and carbon ceramic brakes. Unfortunately for the driver of this white Corvette Z06, what it doesn’t come with is a do-over button.

Yes, another failure from a Cars and Coffee attendee, but since it’s nighttime, it’s just called a car meetup. This crash happened last week at the Scottsdale Pavilions in Arizona. Based on the number of people we see, it looks well attended and we’re sure the gathering of folks on the sidewalks were there to see the burnouts as cars leave so a Corvette Z06 crash is probably something more than expected.

And this was a violent crash.

Taking off from a stop sign, the Corvette Z06 accelerates fast and is already in 2nd gear when the car’s rear end wobbled. The slight overcorrection led to the Z06 charging headlong into a tree on the side of the road. The impact was so strong that the front bumper was embedded into that tree.

The driver was not seriously hurt as the airbags did deploy. What’s amazing to us is that it does sound like the car is still running after the impact. A secondary video shows the crash from a different angle and follows up with the Corvette Z06 shown on a flatbad before being hauled away. We also see the young owner talking on a telephone in one of the still photos.

While there is more than an ego that is bruised here, the number one lesson to be learned is don’t sideshow your Corvette at one of these events unless you can accept the consequences. And sometimes that means public ridicule and viral youtube video in addition to dealing with police and the insurance agencies…

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  1. Is this the tech at the car dealership that had to run the car up to 7000RPM to check to see if the engine was having a problem at 4000RPm?

    I know I wouldn’t want anyone driving my vette unless they own one themselves – maybe.

    There must be a lot of these C7 corvettes that will not be around in 20 years

  2. We were there with one of our Corvettes and had just left when this happened. We saw this guy running a duster over the car while he was showing it. It had a temporary plate on it, if I recall correctly. Must have just bought it. What a shame. Sounds like he had it in “track mode” with the traction control off. Doesn’t pay to “show off”, especially when you aren’t used to the power. What a dumb move…and very unsafe. Take it to the track…

  3. … and the monthly payments will continue for years to come. I’ve done a few dumb things in cars over the years, but nothing like that. I just couldn’t get that much power out of a Blue Flame Six!

  4. It wasn’t the power that did it. He did a burn out, warm tires got sticky then sent into that tree once it hooked

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