[ACCIDENT] 1987 Corvette Goes Up in Flames in Arkansas


[ACCIDENT] 1987 Corvette Goes Up in Flames in Arkansas
Photo Credit: arkansas911news.com

Lucky for this 1987 black Corvette convertible owner that his car was parked outside his home early Saturday morning.

Had it been in a garage, it might have been a far more unpleasant story we’d be reporting.

Investigators believe a battery problem caused the C4 Corvette to burst into flames, quickly eating up the fiberglass body and making the ’87 look like a cut-away exhibit at a museum. Interestingly, the tires were not melted off the rims.

The Hot Springs (Arkansas) Fire Department Station 6 on Lakeshore Drive responded to the blaze in less than three minutes – a great effort on their part!

They were able to keep the car from burning up totally, but we figure it’s still a total loss considering the values on these C4s is lower than what it would cost to do the repairs.

More importantly, though, because the car was just underneath a “Romeo and Juliet” balcony, we’re impressed that the firefighters used their skills to keep the fire from eating up the house.

As it was, the flames were hot enough to warp some of the siding at the top of the eave above the house, but the wooden deck below the eave appeared to survive the inferno just fine.

The homeowner told Arkansas 911 News.com he was “very satisfied” with the way the call was handled by 911 and the fire department.

Check out all the photos of fire fighters extinguishing the flames on this 1987 Corvette at arkansas911news.com.


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