[VIDEO] PDR Captures a Callaway Corvette SC757 at Thompson Speedway


[VIDEO] PDR Captures a Callaway Corvette SC757 at Thompson Speedway

We always enjoy the opportunity to show off the track abilities of the C7 Corvettes and that extends to Callaway’s Corvette Z06 model, the Callaway SC757.

The following footage from the Corvette’s Performance Data Recorder captures the Callaway SC757 working out at Connecticut’s Thompson Speedway during a track event in June.

The Callaway is able to make short work of the track by utilizing the 757 horsepower and the 777 lb-ft of torque by applying judicious use of 3rd gear around most of the track. In fact, we see the brake meter only applied in a couple of the tighter corners. Then, on the back straight, the driver shifts to 4th gear and nearly reaches 140 mph before having to slow for a right hander.

The footage was posted by Callaway Cars on their youtube page, but this is likely a customer’s car which makes this track day so much more fun!

Callaway Cars

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