Corvette Museum’s Wendell Strode Recovering from Heart Attack While Vacationing in Alaska


Corvette Museum's Wendell Strode Survives Heart Attack While Vacationing in Alaska

During this holiday week, the National Corvette Museum’s Executive Director Wendell Strode was supposed to be enjoying a long-awaited vacation to Alaska. However, word came from his daughter Tara through Facebook today that Wendell suffered a minor heart attack and is currently resting in a hospital in Anchorage.

From Tara Strode Howard:

News travels fast…even all the way from Alaska! Just so friends and family are aware and to hear straight from us, It was determined yesterday that Dad had a mild heart attack based on symptoms and stress test results. He has been admitted to a hospital in Anchorage and will have a heart cath done later today to see if he needs a stent or even possibly open heart surgery. Based on those results, we will then know when he can get back to BG. He is in good spirits and only concerned about everyone else…no surprise. Mom and Will are limiting his phone time so he can rest. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers and are all fully aware God has been and is in control….that has already been revealed to us. We will update later.

She later gave an update on his status with this post:

Update on Wendell Strode: Dad’s heart cath showed 3 blockages…2 at 90% and 1 at 70%. The doctor just finished putting in 2 stents and he’s on his way back to his room. If all goes well, he will be released tomorrow and hopefully be able to come home this weekend. Even though the distance has made it tough, we are very thankful for God’s timing. Every day that we have our health is definitely a blessing. Thanks again for the prayers and love we all feel from each of you!

We are very glad to hear that Wendell is getting great care and our prayers are with him for a speedy recovery.

Tara Strode Howard / Facebook

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