[VIDEO] Sleeper C2 Corvette Sting Ray Runs in the 10s


[VIDEO] Sleeper C2 Corvette Sting Ray Runs in the 10s

Our friends over at the Corvette Forum are asking the important questions: “Can a Corvette still be considered a sleeper?”

This 1964 Corvette looks nearly stock as its waiting for its moment in the drag lanes at Cecil County Dragway. The second year of Sting Rays have a rich history in Corvette lore, but being known for ground-pounding quarter miles wasn’t one of them. Not only that, but the gleaming red paint, shiny chrome and skinny street tires all seem to tell everybody that this Corvette is here just for some fun and shouldn’t really be taken serious.

However, once the car starts warming up in the burnout box, you can hear the tell-tale sound of a turbo.

The 1964 Corvette looks incredibly small as it stages on the right side of the drag strip. On the left is a 1970’s era V8 grocery-getter that made quite a bit of noise itself in the burnout box.

When the lights go green, the Little Red Corvette makes a clean launch and then blasts its way down the strip and crosses the line with an impressive time of 10.64 seconds at 136 mph.

Unfortunately, we never learned what engine and modifications that power this classic Midyear so if you’re visiting Cecil County Dragstrip and see this 1964 Corvette, please ask the driver as we’d love to know more about whats he packing under the hood.

BigKeib34 via Corvette Forum

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