[VIDEO] Corvette Girlfriend Beats Her BMW-Driving Boyfriend at the Track


[VIDEO] Corvette Girlfriend Beats Her BMW-Driving Boyfriend at the Track

We love it when the ladies flex their Corvette power at the track and who’s better equipped to take a beating than the boyfriend driving a BMW.

This intra-couple beat-down happened recently at the Royal Purple Raceway between the Corvette girlfriend and the boyfriend in a BMW 3-Series Sedan.

Now before you go off saying, “oh the chick was driving an automatic”, you’ll see she was shifting through a manual 6-speed like a pro.

The post-race comments from the two participants were especially delicious when Corvette girlfriend was asked about racing her boyfriend and beating him, “that’s the best part,” she said. Asked if he wanted to go again and she said “he has to let his car rest”.

The defeated boyfriend pays respect to his girl, “I knew it was going to be ‘tuff, she’s a good shifter with that short throw…” and then says “I’m going to have to do a couple things to the car…so I’m hoping I’m gonna win.”

The Corvette was modified with an exhaust system and ECU remap while the twin-turbo BWM was modded with a cold air intake and tune.


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