[VIDEO] Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles Shares Facts about the 2015 Corvette at Sebring


[VIDEO] Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles Shares Facts about the 2015 Corvette at Sebring

Last Friday at Sebring’s Corvette Corral, Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles and Engineer Eric Roselli addressed the Corvette owners in the crowd and answered questions about the 2015 Corvette Stingray and Z06. Harlan shared some facts and production figures about the car and thanks to our friend Jake Drennon of the C5/C6 Corvette Registry, we can share his video of the presentation.

Some of the facts that Harlan address including production statistics of the Corvette Z06. As Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter said a couple weeks back, 40% of Corvette orders are for the Corvette Z06. Harlan also confirmed that 40% of Z06 orders include the high performance Z07 package.

Harlan told the crowd that Corvette Stingrays with the 8-speed automatic transmission are picked by 75% of Corvette buyers. Because the Z06 came first with just the 7-Speed manual, and now they are shipping the Z06 with the automatic transmission, it’s too soon to know exactly what the Z06’s take rate is for the auto vs manual transmission.

As far as colors go on the Stingrays and Z06s, Harlan says Arctic White is the number 1 color for the Stingray while Black leads the Z06. Torch Red is the number two color on both models.

Finally, Harlan did give us some 2016 Corvette info, but we have to wait to find out. Following the NCM Bash at the end of April, the Corvette Team will be releasing the Order Guide for the 2016 model year.

Here’s the video from Harlan and Eric’s seminar. Very informative and entertaining as always!

Thanks again to Jake for posting the video. You can see more Corvette seminars from Sebring on his YouTube channel and make sure you check out the registry at C6Registry.com.

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