Drive the New Corvette Z06 at Exotics Racing in Las Vegas


Drive the new Corvette Z06 at Exotics Racing in Las Vegas

If you’re like most folks, you probably leave Las Vegas with a lighter wallet than you had when you first arrived – with nothing much to show for it.

Now there’s a new game in town that won’t make your wallet any heavier.

But at least you’ll go home with a smile on your face.

It’s all courtesy of Exotics Racing, a company that will let you climb behind the wheel of a 2015 Corvette Z06 for five laps around the track – starting at just $299.

Exotics Racing is the first driving experience in Las Vegas that will allow customers to test the limits of the amazing 650-horsepower Z06, a car that only a few thousand people have had the thrill of driving so far.

Drive the new Corvette Z06 at Exotics Racing in Las Vegas

“The Z06 is certainly one of the most advanced American sports cars on the road, it could be one of the best too,” said Romain Thievin, Exotics Racing’s founder and CEO. “This Corvette is lighter, more nimble, and full of aerodynamic design-elements that allow the driver to push the limit.”

For those of us who don’t have an extra $100 grand lying around, this sounds like an affordable way to still have a chance to drive one of the best cars in the world.

Lady Luck has definitely arrived, and she’s driving a new Z06!

Details about driving the Corvette Z06 can be found on

Exotics Racing

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