[VIDEO] Exotics Racing Drifts a Corvette Z06 with a Sexy French Model


[VIDEO] Exotics Racing Drifts a Corvette Z06 with a French Model

Exotics Racing in Las Vegas bills itself as “The Ultimate Driving Experience.”

Chloe Mortaud, winner of the Miss France title in 2009, certainly wouldn’t argue.

As this video opens, a helicopter lands in the desert, and out comes the 25-year-old beauty queen, dressed in a low-cut black blouse with spike heels.

She hands the driver of a Corvette Z06 a $100 bill and proceeds to hang on for her life as she goes on what some might call “The Ultimate Driving Experience,” tossed and turned like a salad as the “Beauty” is taken for a thrilling ride by the “Beast” on the Exotics Racing track near Las Vegas.

She’s constantly smiling and grabbing onto the door handle for dear life before the ride comes to an end and she hand-slaps and bump-fists the driver for the thrilling experience.

Before the exotic lady climbs back into the copter in this video, though, the driver does a doughnut around her before he rolls down his window and hands her some change – a $1 bill!

More than likely, though, Chloe didn’t really have to pay $99 for her ride. Her current partner, Romain Thievien, is the man who started and still owns Exotics Racing and reportedly has done 40,000 high-speed laps in his toys – the Z06, a Porsche GT3-RS, and Ferrari 430. He’s also a five-time French champion with Renault, Citroen, and Peugeot and has done stunt driving in 150 movies.

By the way, Chloe is the first woman to win the Miss France pageant who has citizenship in both France and America; her mother is an African-American who emigrated from Mississippi.

“People see Las Vegas as a town reserved for men,” she said after the ride in the Corvette. “Girls can have fun as well. This video is kind of revenge for the women in Sin City.”

Sounds like the perfect “Beauty and the Beast” to us.


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