Corvettes on eBay: A ‘No Questions Answered’ 1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette


Corvettes on eBay: A 'No-Questions Answered' 1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette

Between the mid 1960s and the mid 1970s, if you wanted a Corvette, or any other Chevrolet product, that would absolutely kick butt at any drag strip in the country, Joel Rosen at Baldwin Motion was the man to see. Baldwin Motion was a combination of Joel Rosen’s Motion Performance and Baldwin Chevrolet, a small dealer on Long Island.

You could order your Corvette at Baldwin Chevrolet and before it was delivered to you, Joel, the quintessential engine tuner and car builder of the day, would equip it with any kind of engine and with virtually any aftermarket speed goodies that you wanted. Not only would a Baldwin Motion Corvette hustle you down the drag strip ahead of the pack, it would do so reliably and would look different than any other Corvette.

A 1969 Chevrolet Corvette that the seller represents to be a Baldwin Motion Corvette is up for sale on eBay. The blue coupe, with 40,000 miles, has a 454 cu. in. race engine and a 4-speed manual transmission. Photos in the ad reveal the car sports Motion Performance accessories and equipment, including the unique Motion Performance SS427 hood. Thanks to the reputation and the rarity of Baldwin Motion Chevrolets, they seldom show up for sale and when they do, their asking prices are usually at penthouse levels. This one is no exception with a Buy It Now price of $175,000.

1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette for Sale on eBay

As with any specialty, limited number, high-performance car such as this, before you reach for your checkbook, do your homework. Motion Performance not only modified complete cars that were sold through Baldwin Chevrolet, but official Motion engine and body parts were sold individually for those who wished to do their own customizing. These individual parts were made by the same suppliers that made the parts Joel used on the Baldwin Motion machines.

The task of verifying genuine Baldwin Motion cars is made more difficult by the lack of good records from the time period. Those who are experts in such things, generally agree that the best way to determine if a Baldwin Motion car is genuine is to have it validated by the master himself, Joel Rosen.

Joel is no longer in the auto business and has moved on to other interests. He is available to examine and validate whether or not a Baldwin Motion machine is genuine. Joel’s services are not free, but when a car’s selling price is in six figures, his services might be considered a good investment. If you’re serious about any Baldwin Motion car, Joel can be contacted through his website,

Oddly enough, this seller specifically notes that, in regard to questions about Joel or Baldwin, he “…will not be responding to those questions.”

If the seller won’t answer questions, as they said in Ghostbusters, “Who ya’ gonna call?”

1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette for Sale on eBay 1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette for Sale on eBay 1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette for Sale on eBay
1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette for Sale on eBay 1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette for Sale on eBay 1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette for Sale on eBay
1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette for Sale on eBay 1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette for Sale on eBay 1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette for Sale on eBay


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  1. That car is NOT a Baldwin Motion Phase III GT!! Only 10 were made, and this car has NONE of the signature badging, paint, or bodywork save the hood. It has the valve covers (eBay) but $175,000 is a hell of alot to pay for valve covers!! I personally know all 10 cars, and their individual peculiarities. That’s why he is selling on eBay, not Mecums or Barrett-Jackson. More counterfeit merchandise is sold on eBay than anywhere else on Earth. They make too much money to worry about their integrity.

  2. Robert- I am in possession of a big block that (supposedly) came out of a ’69 motion car that was done in ’72. Is there any way I can check through the serial number on the block? Thanks.

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