Jay Leno and a C1 Corvette Featured in New Burger King Commercial


Jay Leno and a C1 Corvette Featured in New Burger King Commercial

We all know Jay Leno loves cars, so our first thought when we saw his new commercial for Burger King wasn’t about the new menu. It was our concern that ketchup and mustard – not to mention barbecue sauce – might somehow get on that lovely C1 Corvette he was driving in the commercial.

In case you haven’t seen the commercial, Leno is one of several big-name stars who are helping Burger King with the unveiling of its new menu items.

In the commercial, Leno uses the front counter as if it were a drive-thru window, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he just drove a Corvette through the lobby of a restaurant. The manager commends Leno for his nice-running Corvette, then tells the talk show host that the store has a real drive-thru (outside). Leno just shrugs off the suggestion, and the commercial ends with the new slogan – “Exciting Things Are Happening at Burger King.”

By the way, Burger King is touting the fact that it has added smoothies, blended coffees, chicken tenders, and a garden chicken salad to its menu in an attempt to regain ground lost at the hands of rivals McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

We’re not sure how effective the commercial will be, but we do have to admit it was nice to see a slick Corvette used to promote their new food.

Check out the new commerical on Burger King’s YouTube channel.

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