[VIDEO] Chevrolet Mexico’s Corvette ZR1 Television Commercial


[VIDEO] Chevrolet Mexico's Corvette ZR1 Television Commercial

There’s a lot of activity happening in the Corvette world south of the border.

Here is a :60 second television commercial that (we believe) is running in Mexico to support the new Chevrolet Performance Stores which will sell the Corvette ZR1 and Grand Sport models. Chevrolet Mexico made the announcement last week that four of these Performance Stores will open starting this month to allow buyers to see the features and options available on new Corvettes as well as configure their own personal order.

As you will see, it opens with a Spanish version of the “Listen” commercial showing Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner passing a Ferrari for the lead (and ultimately the win) at the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans. But from there, we see some performance driving and drifting of a Corvette ZR1 which a voice over describing some of the features of the car in Spanish.

Chevrolet Mexico also held a track day to promote the new “Performance Stores” and you can see those photos on Chevrolet Mexico’s Facebook page.

Chevrolet Mexico on YouTube

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