[VIDEO] C4 Corvette Goes Flying in New Mountain Dew Commercial


[VIDEO] C4 Corvette Goes Flying in New Mountain Dew Commercial

A new commercial for Mountain Dew shot by Mouse McCoy and his Bandito Brothers production company features a C4 Corvette being “pipe-ramped” into a bullfighting ring. In the new spot, an obnoxious dude drives up to the arena and tosses his keys to a young man he assumes is a valet. Of course, the kid is not a valet and so he takes the Corvette on a joyride with culminates in a spectacular jump into the bullfighting arena. Trust me, its awesome!

The commercial was shot on location in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Three Corvettes were used but only one was wrecked. “We had one shot at getting the pipe-ramp stunt right,” said McCoy of the bold in-camera move in which a classic Corvette is launched into the air, flipping a few times before landing center-stage in the ring. “There was about 30K in our budget to spend on three cars, and we could only wreck one of them.”

McCoy goes on to describe his criteria for finding the right kind of car for this stunt:

“First, we needed a car that was fast and powerful enough and handled well enough for the stunt. Next, it had to be a car that could get this guy laid in a down economy! There’s a cache to Corvette that always works. What other sports car can you buy for under 10K that a chick will still think is an expensive ride? The guy appreciates the flash cash value, and so does the kid who has a blast destroying it.”

McCoy’s earlier work featured his BMW M3 and that video Living in the Lights garnered over 1.25 million youtube views.

McCoy describes the Mountain Dew “Keys” commercial as not a ‘serious action spot’. “This is a sloppy and loose ‘anti-car commercial’ where we wreck the hero car instead of glamorizing it,” he says. The appeal for the Banditos was to do the stunt in camera. “We come from a stunt and racing background, and that’s our thing,” McCoy says.


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  1. What a total waste of a beautiful corvette to sell soda. Shame on those guys…Use a Mustang next time!

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