[VIDEO] Corvette Crashes During Autocross Event


[VIDEO] Corvette Crashes During Autocross Event

Autocrossing your Corvette is great way to have some fun in your car in a safe and controlled environment. Most courses are laid out to keep speeds down and drivers rely on technique to complete the course. But just because speeds are lower than other track events doesn’t mean that one wrong move can come back to bite you as one Corvette driver found out at the Speed Ventures autocross event.

According to the YouTube post, the driver was making his first run since returning from a break. With cold tires and a cold track, the back end of the Corvette got loose and spun the sports car around through some cones. The slow speed spin-out ended with a gut-wrenching crash into a curb that lifted the entire Corvette off its wheels and dropped it heavily back on the track.

The YouTube post again says the driver was pretty shaken after the crash but walked away unhurt. Too bad that can’t be said about the Arctic White C6 Corvette which looks to have sustained major damage to the passenger side wheels and suspension.


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  1. Heartbreaking. Very slow reactions to the spin, should have tried to save it enough that he’d spun into the infield. The more I watch it, the more I just don’t get how he spun, like that, at the finish. I wanted to blame the course setup being too close to the curbing, but he just looks like a bad driver.

  2. Keep wondering how the backend comes around: Notice the steering/hand placement. Cold tires?-Don’t think so. This could have been saved with throttle lift; looks like he must have gunned it, (water/oil on track?), didn’t respond quickly, with comp-traction completely disabled. Painful video.

  3. A classic example of why I leave the active handling on at the road course. I know it saved me from a similar situation due to moisture on the track. 2 cars were heavily damaged the day I left my active handling on, I don’t hit the track often enough to pretend I know the limits well enough, I think most who turn off their active handling should check their ego and leave it on. What would it have cost him, two tenths? The crunching sound at impact is devestating. If feel bad for the driver, another 10 feet of space would have probably saved him from the impact.

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