[VIDEO] Corvette Z06 Takes Out BMW M3 in Robin Hood Rally Crash


[VIDEO] Corvette Z06 Takes Out BMW M3 in Robin Hood Rally Crash

The Robin Hood Rally is a reality show will soon air on the Versus network that pits amateur drivers racing flat out on closed public roads. The only problem with the premise: They’re amateurs! So it’s no surprise that in only the 2nd event out of 10 planned finds one of the drivers airlifted to the hospital with injuries sustained in a crash involving a Corvette Z06, BMW m3 and a Mini Cooper.

Here is the report filed from by The Record Online

Town of Tuxedo — A crash on the racetrack for Robin Hood Rally, a reality TV show and racing contest, severely damaged two cars and sent one man to the hospital with minor injuries.

The driver of a red corvette lost control of his racecar when heading towards the finish line on Warwick Brook Road, which had been closed to normal traffic for the event.

The corvette slammed into a BMW racecar, which was waiting its turn on the track, and then flipped over and landed further down the road. The driver walked away uninjured but the driver waiting in the BMW suffered minor injures and was transported to a local hospital.

The corvette’s left side was ripped apart and the BMW’s front was demolished in the accident.

The 55 drivers participating in the Robin Hood Rally broke for lunch. Officials say they will decide shortly whether or not to continue the event today.


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  1. I am all about motorsports and organized amateur events, but this looks like a poorly thought out event. The spectators are way too close to the action. Take a close look at the EZ-Up that one leg was hit. This is where people gather.

    What were they thinking?

  2. I agree, very poorly planned, they are very lucky spectators were not harmed. I am sure their insurance company – if they even have one will look at this video and drop the coverage. I know first hand that any insurance company would not approve such an amateur event setup as such…

  3. Yes, I agree. Where was the crowd control? The road was too narrow and spectators, tents and other cars too close to the roadway!! At first glance it seems it was the Vette driver who lost control , but was there something just up the road, out of view that was the real cause? Perhaps a drunk spectator walking in the road? The production company should be held liable for not creating “safe” conditions for a road race/rally.

  4. This looks like a poorly thought out idea to get TV ratings at the cost of safety while creating a negative impact for the long standing rally community in the USA. It is already difficult enough to put on a proper national or club rally in this country with cars that have roll cages and all the necessary safety equipment. Clearly just closing a road is not enough. Lets hope that Versus network gets sued for this or faces some sort of wake up call that their idea is so poorly thought out.

  5. Note that a real rally would have a proper spectator safety plan, and the flying finish would be around a 1/4 mile up the road from where the stage end crew waits to collect time cards, etc. Now thanks to pointless machismo town boards have yet another story they can use when denying road permits to real events…

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