[VIDEO] Twin-Turbo 2005 Corvette on the Dyno


Twin-Turbo 2005 Corvette on the Dyno

Normally our “Corvettes on the dyno” posts are reserved for new models like when the Corvette ZR1 first became available. But this video of a twin-turbo 2005 Corvette on the dyno is just too good to pass up. Dallas Performance is the tuner who built this 1250 hp coupe and in addition to their horsepower-increasing skills, they are pretty darn good with a camera and editing program too.

To get the sinister Black 2005 Corvette Coupe to 1250 horsepower, Dallas Performance installed a custom twin-turbo kit, LSX block with Performance Induction LS3 Heads, single plane intake and RC 120 Injectors. Other enhancements include a TR-6060 transmission with a C6 Z06 differential, a custom exhaust with B&B PRT mufflers, 360 Forged Carbon Fiber wheels, wilwood calipers and Nitto BT-OSR tires.

The actual dyno run doesn’t start until 2:30 into the video, but when it does start, there is an insane shot of the speedometer going from 70 to 150 mph in just seconds. The results of that first dyno run netted 1,251 horsepower and 1,176 ft.lbs of torque! A final dyno sheet indicates the shop was able to hit 1,302 horsepower and 1,226 ft.lbs of torque.

Luxury4play via GT Spirit

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