Automobile Mag’s Z06 Review


Automobile Magazine, which named the 2001 Corvette Z06 the Automobile of the Year, takes the new 2006 Z06 on a tour of Europe. And while the review is mostly in the same vain as the other auto magazines in that the new Z06 has reached supercar status and is a bargain compared to others, there is some GM news that I had not heard before. Those of us following productions numbers have mused what the total Z06 production will be. The review asserts that “the Chevrolet folks are so confident that the C6 will successfully engage the European Union, they’ve boosted employment on the line at Bowling Green, Kentucky, to build as many as 3000 extra Corvettes a year, a 10 percent hike”. Well, the EU expansion makes perfect sense for a world-class sports car. The European press junkets that Chevy has hosted during the last few months have hopefully given the Z06 much needed exposure in a market that has never openly embraced the Corvette. While the review is mostly favorable in the “oh my god, this car is fast” fashion, there are the same criticisms that have been mentioned before: sub par interior and a noisy 6-Speed. All in all, Automobile Magazine does the Corvette Z06 justice and is a must read for aficionados. Oh, they got some nice wallpapers too!