2006 Best Resale Value Awards


The average automobile retains only about 35% of its original value after a five-year period according to Kelley Blue Book. KBB.com has just released their 2006 Best Resale Awards and the Corvette is named category winner for Convertibles as having the best resale value. The Corvette was the only model of the big 3 domestic automakers to make the list. KBB.com’s projections are based on current behicle data, market conditions, competition in its segment as well as expections of the future economy. The cars that made this list will on average keep aboutn 50% of its original purchase price over 5 years. “Now in its sixth generation, “America’s sports car” has won exceptional acclaim for its performance/price ratio. Its high initial value for money and its visceral appeal make the Corvette a winner not only on the track but also in the financial columns.” The editors at Kelley Blue Book also list a number of options that can help you with resale value. First, choose a popular exterior color, such as black, white or silver. Then select equipment that many buyers want. Included on this list are: antilock brakes (ABS), alloy wheels, CD player/CD changer, parking sensors, navigation system, sensing cruise control and leather-covered seats. At the same time, avoid less popular colors and go easy on customization. Also making the list was the Mini Cooper, Toyota Prius, Honda Accord Hybrid, Volvo XC90, Porsche Cayenne, Infiniti G35, BMW 5-Series, Lexus GX 470 and the Infinit M45.