Chevrolet Confirms to Dealers that 2023 Corvette Model Year Production Will Start May 9th


Chevrolet Confirms to Dealers that 2023 Corvette Model Year Production Will Start May 9th

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Not sure what is going on with Chevrolet’s communication with its dealers as on Monday we received serveral key dates that were listed as tentative in advance of the start of the 2023 Corvette model year production. Now this morning we have received confirmation that 2023 Corvette production will indeed start on May 9th.

The Corvette Action Center tells us that dealers received a new memo Wednesday morning confirming the dates:

2022 Corvette Production
– 2022 Model Year Build Out Date: May 6th
– Final Consensus Month/Cycle: March 1st
– Final DOSP Cycle: March 17th
– In-System Return Cut-Off: February 18th

2023 Corvette Production
– 2023 Model Year Start-Up Date: May 9th
– Initial Consensus Month/Cycle: March/2
– Initial DOSP Cycle: March 31st
– Pre-Order Entry Available: March 24th

So as we said on Monday, we’ll have the 2023 order guide on March 21st, and then we just need pricing to be announced which we believe will come before then. It would also be great if Chevrolet can get its 2023 Corvette Build and Price configurator up sooner rather than later so that customers know exactly what their Z06 build will be costing them.

The Corvette Action Center also reconfirms that Chevrolet will be using ADS (Average Daily Supply) in providing allocations to dealers and we’ve been told that there isn’t a separate Z06 allocation numbers, so we are anxious to see how this all shakes out.

Talking with one of our dealer friends, I asked how GM will dole out Stingray/Z06 allocations to them without a seperate Z06 allocations and was told that GM would still give guidance on the breakdown, meaning a dealer might get 10 allocations for an order cycle but will be told that only three can be used for Z06s.

Only 78 days until the first orders are entered and 117 days to go for the start of production on May 9th!

Corvette Action Center

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  1. So…what happens to the 2022 orders, that are not going to get built before the end of April??

  2. I have an event code of 3000 on my 2022 Corvette order. Does this guarantee me that my car will be built before the end of April?


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