GM Surveys C8 Corvette Owner About Electric Sports Cars and More


GM Surveys C8 Corvette Owner About Electric Sports Cars and More

General Motors prides itself on listening to its customers.

Witness how the Corvette team makes frequent pilgrimages to the National Corvette Museum and various Corvette shows around the nation to get the pulse of the public.

That history, plus the fact that GM leaders are making no secret that the company is heading toward an all-electric future with a $35 billion investment in EVs by 2025, should make it no surprise that GM recently sent a survey to some Corvette customers tracking their interest in an “electric sport vehicle” as well as their thoughts on performance features that could be downloaded and over-the-air updates (some of which is already happening with the C8).

Word of the survey reached the internet thanks to posters at A complete list of the questions hasn’t been posted, but questions have been reported about features like an interactive track checklist and upgraded PDR integration that might be offered as a pay-by-the-month service.

The results of that survey haven’t been released (and may never be), so we’ll throw in our two cents’ worth. We love, love, love the aggressive sound of the internal-combustion engines that have powered cars our whole lives. At the same time, we love, love, love the high-performance numbers that an electric vehicle like the Tesla Plaid can deliver. In fact, we just watched a video last week in which a Tesla Plaid thoroughly whipped a C8 Corvette Stingray on the dragstrip, even with a two-second head start.

Some might argue that it’s inevitable for the Corvette to go totally electric to allow the C9 to be able to compete with other electric vehicles. Others might opine that the Corvette isn’t just about such numbers – it’s the total experience that makes a Corvette a Corvette, and that definitely includes the sound of that exhaust roaring down the road.

Maybe a compromise like the long-rumored E-Ray could be the right answer for everyone. Its combination of electric motors on the front wheels while retaining the LT2 V8 gasoline engine behind the seats might be capable of delivering 650 horsepower, proving that you can have your cake and eat it, too. Or maybe GM could shock everyone and expand the Corvette lineup to include a luxury electric SUV?

It’s a constantly changing world, and sometimes change is necessary to remain alive. What’s your take on an electric future for the Corvette?

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  1. While it is fine to like an electric vehicle for its performance characteristics, one shouldn’t kid themselves about it being environmentally friendly. The electricity is currently being being produced by coal and gas fired plants. Some of the basic elements that go into battery manufacturing come from China via slave labor. And then there’s the disposal and/or recycling of spent batteries. How much of a mileage penalty does one pay in the winter time in Minneapolis?

  2. I’m a Corvette guy having owned 39 different ones starting in 1964. I have a 2021 C-8 coupe,, and my wife has a C-6 Grand Sport conv. I’m also 87 years old. To go electric will we tough as the internal combustion engine, the physical sensations of driving it. Can not be match with a car that drive like my golf cart. The “Whosh” and hum of and electric car will be hard to cultivate the love and emotions of a present day Corvette. The hard part will be making it so it doesn’t become a “Transportation Appliance”, instead of the car we all love so much.

  3. I currently have a 2014 C7 Z51 / 3LT, the 3rd Corvette I’ve owned. For the sake of others I’ll keep it short…I WILL NEVER EVER OWN AN ELECTRIC CORVETTE! Are you listening GM? The thought of driving a car that s I hands like a sewing machine e makes me roll on the floor with laughter. Sports cars, including the Corvette need the sounds from an V8 to stamp their authority on the automotive landscape. When I do trade in my C7 for a C8 it will be my last Corvette.

  4. Glad I’m old enough so I’ll never own one of these glorified overpriced golf carts. I’ll stick with my 465HP C7 that I can fuel anyplace in America on any corner and not have to worry about stopping and waiting for a charge every couple hundred miles. My take? It’ll be at least 2050 before electric is a substantial number on the road if it ever is.

  5. When will I receive a survey to which I might provide my position? Very simply, doing what everyone else does is not an attribute. I want gasoline or hydrogen or natural gas but not volts and amps. Nothing has the sensual appeal of a large V8 rumbling to life.

  6. Well , I didn’t get a survey; but I can’t wait to see the C8 hybrid! Love my C8, but could use another 150 hp via instant front wheel torque!

  7. The people behind the scene’s pushing the EV’s are the one’s that have Billions invented in them and are trying to make Billions more. The “green deal” is more of a smoke and mirror trick. I’m not against electric cars but I do not like having them forced on us. The path these companies are taking to make everything electric is also hurting the environment and nature too.
    Also that is a No to the idea of an luxury electric Corvette SUV. Don’t be like ford and leave the Corvette name alone.

  8. The automakers are obviously, seemingly getting the blame for this. But World government’s are all in this together whilst moving the oil based money power out of the hand’s of wealthy Arab state’s to the energies in which they can control themselves for profit.
    Car manufacturer’s have become the welcome patsy in all of this!

  9. Amen Marc and Mako.
    Let’s not forget the strip-mining going on around the world to get lithium.

  10. I have a 2021 C8 HTC. I adore it. I absolutely adore it. I also have a 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid sitting right next to it.

    The Plaid simply destroys it in everyday use. It isn’t even close, BUT, and it’s a big but, the C8 is more fun. More fun in every conceivably way outside of straight-line acceleration. The Plaid is just stupidly quick, but it’s heavy and ponderous. You can rotate the C8 around a turn and you feel connected in a way that the Plaid simply cannot match and the yoke is just terrible.

    Sitting where I do, I see an electric future as a bright one. Get the battery capacity up, and weight down and whole I will miss the vroom, it will be fast as heck.

  11. Just wait until we have a raging unpredicted snow storm and thousands of people get snowed in in their EV. the power will run out and people will freeze to death. Look at Texas last year. People were able to go to their pickup truck get inside and put the heat on. Then add 5 gallons of gas as needed. Hiow do you clear a highway of a thousand dead EV’s? You cant just pour in 5 hours of electricity and drive off.

  12. The people in the club have a huge money making scheme selling carbon credits. Been in the making since Al Gore talked about a carbon exchange years ago. Just another tax that the banksters will collect.

  13. I have owned 11 Corvettes since 1965 and the EV’s will be a complete failure! GM is in for a eye opening event by killing all of their cars & trucks to go electric. The working class does not have the income to purchase these high priced EV’s. Mary & the group need to GO!

  14. GM sold out to “The Club” during their bailout. Remember who got screwed? The workers and the public. Yogi said it best: It’s dejavu all over again!

  15. Not interested in owning a lead sled. The weight of the batteries needed is reported to be equal to 5 small block engines. It might be quick in a straight line but what happens to all that mass when you hit the brakes and try to run the corners at a high rate of speed. Good Luck! A lot of things have to change before I would ever consider an electric sports car. Mary Barra will only succeed if our government continues to give away our tax money to prop up demand for an otherwise unwanted product.

  16. In track and field, there are two types of runners, sprinters and long distance runners. The Tesla Plaid is a sprinter, but fails for long distance, such as a road course. The Corvette has always been an endurance runner that was also good at sprinting. If the Corvette is just going to be a drag car from now on, then electric makes sense. However, I don’t think it makes sense for a Corvette to go from a road course car and a long distance traveler, to a drag car. Let’s face it, the batteries are too immature. They don’t hold enough energy for a road course, and they take too long to charge. I think the Corvette should be about the last car to go electric.

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