[VIDEO] Biden Prompts GM CEO Mary Barra to Confirm an Electric Corvette May Be On the Way


[VIDEO] Biden Prompts GM CEO Mary Barra to Confirm an Electric Corvette May Be On the Way

Video Captures Mary Barra Nodding Yes to the President’s Statement

It’s no secret that General Motors is making a major shift to its fleet from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles, with the goal to be totally electric by 2035. With those plans in place, it’s widely believed that the C9 Corvette will be an electric battery-powered sportscar.

President Joe Biden, who famously has owned a 1967 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible most of his adult life, held an event at the White House this week where he made a non-binding pledge for America’s car manufacturers to make half the USA’s auto fleet powered by electricity by 2030.

In attendance at the event included General Motor’s Chief Executive Marry Barra and Ford CEO Jim Farley.

During his remarks, Biden alluded to the possibility of an electric Corvette and says Mary Barra has promised him that he can drive the first electric Corvette. As he signals her out in the crowd, the video captures her nodding yes to the statement.

While Barra’s reaction to Biden’s statement is not necessarily an admission that the Corvette Team is currently working on an all-electric Corvette sports car, it’s a candid moment that captures the “electrified” sentiment of GM’s future product plans.

According to industry sources however, the first fully electric Corvette might not even be a sports car. Rumors of a Corvette-branded electric SUV are said to be part of GM’s EV push which could arrive as early as 2025.


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  1. One more reason I’m glad I’m 4 weeks away from my order. The order wait just got longer.

  2. What do you mean first electric? I still have my daughters pink Barbie corvette. He can drive that as long as the battery works and my daughter is no where near him.

  3. Ah yes, “Dimentia Joe” Biden.

    Serial pedophile, plagiarizer and fraud in chief.

    Can’t take anything this joke says. Almost sad.

  4. Like my guns, they’ll have to pry the trans shifter out of my cold dead hands to get me into any 3rd rail version of electrivette. I’m happy to have my Tesla for that kind of ride, but you know there are still some of us who admire riding a horse and buggy too. Don’t tread on me with your electric tread tires!

  5. sadly , he;s smart enuf not to waste his 1st yr in office. i’m not a bidenboy but he’s also smart enuf to own a CorVette ,,,,dadgumit

  6. Letting him speak about anything, anything is not a good marketing tool. He’s the biggest tool in the tool bag. I wouldn’t buy anything he promotes.
    Gas, grass, or ass nobody rides for free when Hunters driving.
    This statement is satire none of it has been proven truthful, in case the fact checkers want to check.

  7. He got his Corvette through the generosity of his father, not because he worked his job day after day, saved his non-prioritized dollars (prioritized dollars go for food, shelter, healthcare, education, etc. for your family) and finally, at some point, realized his dream by purchasing his first Corvette, like most of us did.
    Biden needs to focus his fleeting attention on his leadership responsibilities, of which he’s failing in most areas, and stop worrying about driving the first Evette. By the time that car is a reality, he won’t be aware of whether he’s in an Evette or a Rambler sedan.

  8. Biden will be out of office or dead before the ERay hits the street. Probably before the Z06 arrives. If not, and he is the first to drive one, it will put a curse and a 💩stain on the brand, image, and seat.

  9. Biden needs to figure how to increase and improve the electric grid before worrying about more EV’s. Also someone is going to have to put in tens of thousands of public charging stations to be practical.

  10. Such hate….why?
    I love my ICE cars, and will keep one in the garage for as long as I can.
    I have owned 55+ cars over the years, Vettes, Porsches, BMW, Benz, Volvo, VW, Audi….all good, but our future is NOT fossil fuel based if we want to exist as a species in the next 50-100 years.
    Oh, Joe may not be here to see it, but I look forward to what the E Ray will be! Thanks to Mary B and GM for their vision.

  11. If half the cars are electric, then we’ll have to turn off our A/Cs, etc or the grid will collapse.

  12. Love the comments about the pResident of the White House. Hope someone wipes his butt first before he gets in a E-Ray. Glad I have my M7 front engine C7. E-Ray for me not.

  13. why would you let this jackass drive one of your first incarnations of an electric vette ? And why would you cheapen the view of one of the worlds best american made sports car, with the traitor joe biden & kamala harris, is to the american people ? what’s a matter with you guys?

  14. You got to love the GOP. Typing this comment trying to keep a straight face while displaying my mighty middle finger.

  15. So many predictable pro-fossil comments from so many conspiracy-believing fossils.
    But like the vintage Corvettes, you, too, will be replaced.

  16. Someone tell that demented commie bastard to keep his friggin nose out of our vehicles. Maybe they’ll make his presidential Limo “electric”.

  17. Hey Gio Venturi, cute comment. Id encourage you to read the other comments on here. Just wanted you to know, youre the ONLY pro Biden, Pro Lectrivette here. If I were you, Id be the one worried about being replaced.

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