Get Your Project Car Ready as Chevy has a 632-ci 1,004-HP Crate Engine on the Way


Get Your Project Car Ready as Chevy has a 632-ci 1,004-HP Crate Engine on the Way

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Pop quiz! What is 10.36 liters, 1,004 horses, has no power adders, and will soon be available for delivery? If you are one of those people who skips headlines, it’s the latest crate engine from Chevrolet Performance, and it’s coming to a Las Vegas near you (as long as you are closer to Nevada than New Mexico)!

When the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show kicks off on November 2nd at the Las Vegas Convention Center, attendees will want to head straight to the Chevrolet booth. Any patron that heeds our advice will be treated to the first glimpse of GM’s newest and most potent Big-Block. The engine has been given the designation ZZ632/1000, and from that name comes a rather simple decode job. Displacement is a massive 632 cubic inches which were achieved by overboring the already impressive 572-cube block. Along with 1,004 naturally-aspirated horsepower at 6,600 RPM, the 10.36-L monster produces 876 lb-ft of twist when it peaks at 5,600 on the tach.

It hasn’t been announced yet, but the block is presumably cast-iron with four-bolt main caps, just like the motor on which it is based. Compression has been announced. It is set at 12.0:1, and the mill features .375-inch longer connecting rods (when compared to the 572), CNC-machined aluminum cylinder heads, and trick RS-X Symmetrical Port Heads. The RS-X SPHs were designed by the air-flow guru behind the LS1, Ron Sperry, and they utilize intake and exhaust ports of equal size, as opposed to the uneven shapes seen on other big-blocks. This ensures that all eight chambers receive an equal air/fuel mix, leaving no cylinder behind!

ZZ632/1000 Dyno

Pricing has yet to be announced and is difficult to guess, based on the limited number of competitors in the high-horse stratosphere of the “plug-n-play” marketplace. The previously mentioned 572 retails between $20,000 and $24,000 depending upon specs. The Ford Performance take on the 7.3L “Godzilla” Super Duty engine remains unborn, and Mopar’s wicked 426 “Hellephant” makes four-digit HP using a supercharger with a sticker price just shy of $30,000.

So what will Chevrolet ask for an all-motor 1,000-horse experience? Keep your eyes peeled for the answer, and if you plan on ordering before the new year, be sure to take advantage of this $500-$750 rebate offer from Chevrolet Performance!


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  1. Gonna put one in my Silverado so I can haul my zero-turn on an 8′ trailer from Lowes. Neighbors will really be impressed.

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