[VIDEO] Check Out the Right Hand Drive C8 Corvettes Being Built at the Corvette Assembly Plant


[VIDEO] Check Out the Right Hand Drive C8 Corvettes Being Built at the Corvette Assembly Plant

It’s always a rare moment whenever we can get a glimpse of the mid-engine C8 Corvettes being built inside the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green during the age of COVID, but that’s exactly what I have to share with you today. Not only that, but the cars shown being assembled are the Right Hand Drive versions that will be sold in Japan, England, Australia, and New Zealand.

Corvettes have been exported to various markets since 1956 and the percentage of exports has always been relatively low when compared to domestic sales. With the new C8, the clean sheet design offered the opportunity to offer the C8 in Right Hand Drive, but no one ever said it would be easy. From Kai Spande’s presentation at the 2021 NCM Bash, we learned that there are 526 total RHD-specific parts and that 56 jobs are impacted when an RHD Corvette comes down the assembly line.

A plant employee shown in the video says it’s exciting to be able to offer the Corvettes in RHD as it gives Corvette the opportunity to broaden its customer base. The Right Hand Drive models have also given the employees new insight into the assembly process:

“It’s a lot of muscle memory doing the work that we do as the cars typically come down the line that left-hand drive is always done by one operator, so now your operator on the other side of the car is getting to experience what their counterpart does, and it’s really kind of opened everybody’s eyes to the different challenges that are presented within each specific job.”

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  1. I wonder what the guy here in the states thinks as he sits waiting for his build.

  2. I agree with Dennis. Still waiting but growing impatient. They can’t even fill the orders from 2 years ago for some of us.

  3. Appreciate you guys in the US are waiting for your orders, I ordered me C8 HTC back in October 2019 some 2 years ago in the UK and still don’t have a date for delivery
    Still hanging in there but very frustrating

  4. Ian – I’m not concerned if you never get your C8. It goes like this:

    Too many people in the US have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a Corvette, an American car built by a US company that was previously bailed out of bankruptcy by the US Government (i.e., US tax payers) to be shipping ANY Corvettes to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and yes, to the UK. So don’t take it personally if none of the readers on this blog get teary eyed about your inability to get a C8.

  5. Billy yes they got bailed out by the Gov’t, but I believe they paid it all back. Not like a lot of other countries that the US has helped out in the past.

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