[PICS] Chevrolet Teases the 2023 Corvette Z06 With Photos on Instagram


[PICS] Chevrolet Teases the 2023 Corvette Z06 With Photos on Instagram

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Chevrolet dropped another teaser for the 2023 Corvette Z06 this morning as we are now just 30 days from the reveal of the next-generation sports car. The teaser was posted to Instagram and shows the journey of the C8Z from concept to reality.

Chevrolet calls this teaser “Time To Get Real” and it shows an artist’s sketch of the car, a pre-production mule in camouflage, and then a rendering of the completed Z06 in what we are assuming is its base form.

Without further ado, here are the four images:

[PICS] Chevrolet Teases the 2023 Corvette Z06 With Photos on Instagram

[PICS] Chevrolet Teases the 2023 Corvette Z06 With Photos on Instagram

[PICS] Chevrolet Teases the 2023 Corvette Z06 With Photos on Instagram

[PICS] Chevrolet Teases the 2023 Corvette Z06 With Photos on Instagram

The biggest surprise for us is the new design of the Z06’s side air intake. Gone is the more curved boomerang of the Stingray and in its place is trim work that resembles a sideways Y with the tail pointing towards the back of the car. Under that trim extension, we see the Z06 emblem presented on the lower rear.

That design change on the side air intakes offers a very visible design cue to onlookers that this is the Z06!

The machine-faced wheels are very bright on the car and we’ve been referring to this design as the “tuning fork” version, as opposed to the traditional five-spokes we’ve seen on other prototypes. There is also a different emblem on the rear deck which we can’t make out, but it could be another crossed-flags badge.

Chevrolet included a higher-res version of the photo on their Z06 media page and we have it here. You can also right-click this link to download it.

[PICS] Chevrolet Teases the 2023 Corvette Z06 With Photos on Instagram

Chevrolet says in their email to us that more details about Z06 and the reveal will be shared as that date gets closer. With us being 30 days out and no invites or other details made public, we are sure hoping that Chevrolet is planning a reveal in front of a live audience instead of a boring virtual affair.

What are your thoughts on this official rendering of the 2023 Corvette Z06? Let us know in the comments below!

There was also a video released with these photos. You can see it here:

Update 2
I lightened the image significantly to remove the shadow on the side of the car. The side intake is now clearly seen and it’s completely different than we initially thought. FYI, on the forums they are calling it a wishbone and a sharks tooth based on the shape. The downward trim piece looks to be almost tucked inside with just the edge of it jutting out the vent, while the top portion rests along the outer edge like the Stingray’s Boomerang. It’s very different than anything we’ve seen on the spy pics. I have more on this in a separate post here.

C8 Z06

Corvette / Instagram

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  1. I am very disappointed the car does not look more race oriented like the factory C8.R race cars with more obviously bulging fenders and aero tricks. Where are the front dive planes the test prototypes have? And the bright machined alloy wheels look like a boulevard cruiser, not a race / track day wheels. The C8.R race cars use Black BBS race wheels which help them look “the business”. Are you sure these are the correct Z06 photos? Very disappointed so far.

  2. Jim, it is probably the standard Z06. There will be a more aggressive version that will look much more like the C8R.

  3. The new wheels are the best ones yet on a C8, but adding a lot more black plastic to the side scoops does nothing to make the car look more upscale. Black plastic looks cheap because it IS cheap. GM’s bean counters must be very happy, considering the actual delivered MSRP for most Z06’s will be north of $100k.

  4. I am sure that K.G. is correct… This “Rendering” is clearly NOT the Z07 Package.
    I do like having some “Blng” with the wheels… But I honestly expect the actual Z06’s to have the Carbon Black wheels…
    I do not know what that black ‘gash’ on the “boomerang” is about, but it is UGLY and only pointless as a visual identification.
    I honestly hope the Z06 is rather “Normal” looking, with just a few simple visual differences…
    Yes, the wider body, but just a few simple badges… NOT a “Circus Car”…

  5. The “Shark Tooth” is horrendous!! It kills the beautiful lines for what? Uhg. Please no!!

    However, those rims are very nice and the rest of the car is stunning!! If I have to get the Z07 package to lose that junk, I dont know if I can swing that. Im getting the HTC as my bad back wont allow me to manually remove the top, so that is another $7k on top of the $9k for the HTC. Dont know. Would love to as Im a track guy but the cost is adding up quick. I cant get the 3LZ as it will put the car at or above $120k and I just cant swing that.
    GM–please remove the sharks tooth or at least body color to hide the ugly thing. Much love GM. I adore my 16 ATSV fully loaded. Went up Hwy 9 in Los Gatos CA and I dont want to sell it for the vette. However, I refuse to own more than one car as the other just sits. And with the cost of $100k-110k for C8 Z06 and $80k for my ATSV I just cant waste a good car by not driving the wheels off it. Im sorry, I have to drive my cars. or its money down the drain.

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