[PICS] Here is a Better Look at the Boomerang Trim on the 2023 Corvette Z06


[PICS] Here is a Better Look at the Boomerang Trim on the 2023 Corvette Z06

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

As you well know by now, Chevrolet shared a rendering of the 2023 Corvette Z06 earlier on Monday as part of their teaser campaign leading up to the official reveal on Tuesday, October 26th. Now that we’ve some time looking it over, we found that all is not as it seems.

Reaction to the photo appears to be mixed on the forums. While we initially referred to the side intake trim as a sideways Y, others on the forums are calling it a wishbone or sharks tooth based on its shape.

[PICS] Here is a Better Look at the Boomerang Trim on the 2023 Corvette Z06

The official photo above shows a lot as is, including the wishbone surrounding the side air-intake vents on the car. Yet, as their rendering shows, there is quite a bit of a shadow on that side of the car that helps to obscure some of the details.

Here is what was revealed when I lightened the photo significantly in Photoshop for a better look:

[PICS] Here is a Better Look at the Boomerang Trim on the 2023 Corvette Z06

That trim piece that flows downward appears to actually be tucked inside the vent with maybe a quarter or half-inch of trim jutting out the edge. Just the top portion of the trim piece is attached to the door. It will also be interesting to see how this looks with the EFY option that features body-color exterior trim.

We can’t wait to see some of the other design differences on the Z06 vs the C8 Stingray and we’re betting the list is rather long.

Now that we’ve shown you the new “wishbone” trim in a different light, does that change your opinion on it at all?

Photo by Chevrolet

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  1. Nice looking but a little too subtle for a Z06. Of course a more aggressive higher wing version of the ZO6 will be available as well.

  2. Yep, wheels are great (finally), the side intake boomerang straight back add on piece looks awful

  3. The boomerang will increase the sale of black cars and those who pay to have the boomerang ‘ colorized’ to match the car.

  4. The ZO6 does not quite have the radical styling that I was expecting. I think the Corvette team should have taken it up one more level to differentiate it more from the base C8. I’m not crazy about the looks of the boomerang either.

  5. I have all z-06s and this new one is great except for the stupid wishbone for a boomerang, the c-8 has boomerang and the c-8r has a boomerang please don’t put the wishbone on this beautiful car! And please get the spoiler a little taller, we don’t won’t the lower one like on the e-ray sincerely Ken matheny

  6. Finally a decent looking set of wheels. Hate the boomerang! Would definitely l hide it with body colored option.

  7. Hate to rain on everyone’s parade BUT…the side intakes/scoops on the Z06 pic actually look smaller than those of the std C8. I’d have attached pics that clearly show this but there’s no “attachments” allowed. This is a “dumbed-down” Z06 that GM/Tag should be ashamed of. Those of us who are waiting for the Z06 expected something really radical BUT GM chose to give us milquetoast, watered down model. Look at the rear wing. Looks like something you’d see on a Toyota Camry. The C7-Z06 wing demanded respect. This wing abomination looks ridiculous considering the Z06 was supposed to be a “TRACK READY” car.

  8. The more I look at that black plastic wishbone monstrosity, the less I like it. Ditto for the super bland Cadillac CT5 Blackwing & crazy looking Lyric EV. Good cars all wearing lousy styling. GM needs to give VP Styling head Michael Simcoe the boot & bring in some world class talent. The sooner the better.

  9. My conclusion: the base C8’s Boomerang looks WAY better & much sleeker than the Wishbone thing on the Z06. At least they got the new wheels right.

  10. George C. is correct, get rid of the Rice Burner Styling and get back to classic styling.

  11. It’s a sharks tooth. Just keep saying that. It’s a bold statement that sets it apart from the stingray. Wheels are great. I would always get chrome wheels. Badging is right.

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