[VIDEO] Speed Phenom Goes Hunting for a C8 Z06 List in Los Angeles


[VIDEO] Speed Phenom Goes Hunting for a C8 Z06 List in Los AngelesE

If you’ve been following the next-level driving exploits of YouTuber Speed Phenom, aka Austin Everett, you know how much he loves his 2020 Corvette Stingray and how excited he is get the C8 Corvette Z06 to go tracking with. Now that the Z06 has been officially teased as coming next year as a 2023 model, Austin decides to go hunting for an allocation and he makes five stops at different Chevrolet dealers located in the Los Angeles area.

Speed Phenom acknowledges that many dealerships may already be taking names so the real question will be the final pricing out the door. Several of the dealers that Austin talks with say they already have lists with 100s of names on them, and it does appear that these cars will be coming with substantial market adjustment prices in addition to the MSRP, at least from the dealers he has spoken with.

That’s already the case with the C8 Corvette Stingrays as the first three dealers he visits are all selling these cars for well over MSRP with the most egregious dealer selling a 700-mile non-Z51 1LT Stingray for $131,990!

After Austin makes his fifth and final stop, he appears to be more dejected than ever as he realizes that he could be paying “Lambo money” for the C8 Corvette Z06. As someone mentioned in the comments of the video, Speed’s first mistake was going “dealers in the LA market” in the first place who are notorious for mark-ups. However, while many of the larger volume dealers will be offering the car at MSRP, we’ve been hearing rumblings that some dealers who have previously sold at MSRP will be offering market adjustments once the Z06 arrives.

During his hunt, Speed Phenom does come up with what might be a scoop as one of the dealer reps he talks with says that he is going to Spring Mountain in October as part of a Chevy dealer’s event to test drive the C8 Z06. I reached out to several of our dealer friends who said they haven’t heard this yet (and they would have), so we’ll just wait and see if that comes to fruition.

Here’s Speed Phenom via YouTube:

Speed Phenom / YouTube

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  1. I would not put money down at a dealership in hopes of getting my name drawn out of a hat when there are many other dealerships not playing those games. As to pricing, I would not pay 20-30k over sticker, and especially on a used regular C8. My local dealer is charging MSRP on new C8s, but my guess is that all bets will be off when the Z06 debuts.

  2. I should hardly be the one to tell Speed Phenom what to do. He’s achieved a lot with a relatively stock C8. I would likely check with the top five Corvette dealers in the nation. Z06’s with be quite expensive and fewer will be made than the C8 Stingray. I bought locally and paid a markup. My 2020 has only 3K miles on it. The other thing I might do is to get together with 3 or 4 Vloggers with the highest C8 content and viewership and then as a unit, talk to a guy like Mike Furman. The cheapest way would be shipping the cars and combining to ship those who save a bundle on the shipping costs.

  3. do any of you new C8 owners have a problem with the lack of power on the ventilated

    My Terrain puts out three times as much! Any fixes?

  4. The seats could use more air for sure but the ac works so well, I have not really missed it.

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