[POLL] Did You Purchase Your C8 Corvette at MSRP?


[POLL] Did You Purchase Your C8 Corvette at MSRP?

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As Chevrolet prepares to close out its second model year of production for the C8 Corvette, demand for the car remains at an all-time high as this crazy seller’s market has provided the opportunity for owners to put their cars up for sale for a $10,000 – $25,000 profit.

So far, a total of 43,366 mid-engine Corvettes have been produced (not counting pre-productions cars) over the two model years and a recent visit to AutoTrader.com showed over 1,300 new and pre-owned C8 Corvettes offered for sale. The secondary market has been a boon for buyers who can bypass the dealer waitlists and long lead times that may take anywhere from 9-14 months to build their own Corvettes, but they do have to pay over MSRP for the honor of driving the car now.

Meantime, we hear from many of you who say they would never pay more than MSRP for a new Corvette and are willing to wait until their Corvette is produced or for when prices drop under the MSRP for pre-owned vehicles. We totally get that as well, and while you would think by the third year of production that demand would be lessening, it doesn’t appear that will happen anytime soon.

So being of a curious mind, I wanted to run a poll and ask C8 owners if they purchased their 2020 or 2021 Corvettes at MSRP:

Did you purchase your 2020 or 2021 Corvette at MSRP?

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  1. Was on three lists never moved or when I called never got the true number of allocations from the dealer or even was I moving downward on the lists. Started on lists in December 2020, in April randomly called a dealer out of state, they had an allocation ready for order, they said you got the allocation right now if you want to pay 15g over MSRP, I said that was not what I intended, I then said well you take 10g over, they said yes and within 3-hours order was submitted and within a week went to status 3000 and driving during the week of 8.23.21. So long story short for now, if you don’t want to wait like many have even waited as long as 18 months, then pay the price like I did, enough said.

  2. Um, I paid MSRP, placed my order the same day I gave a deposit to my dealer. Was not even there for 30 minutes. Any “for an extra 10k I have an allocation” dealer is a sham artist. And I got mine from somebody other than Ciccola or Criswell.

    Hate to say it, taxman, but you got played.

  3. Yes I did purchase my 2020 C8 at MSRP! The only extra cost $590.00 was for putting Adrenaline Red Interior in a 2LT Elkhart Lake Blue Stingray. The total cost was $67,885.00. Thanks to the UAW, and Pandemic it took 13 months for Bowling Green to assemble and Deliver by 5 August 2020. It was worth the wait.

  4. Live in California, dealers here marking up 15-40%.

    Called Kerbeck in NJ, left deposit in October 2019, built car on 12/28/2019, shipped to me in California – received on 1/28/2021

    Paid MSRP

    But I did talk to 4 dealers in California before I called Kerbeck. Kerbeck was great to deal with, No BS

  5. Placed my $1,000 deposit January 16th 2020. Took delivery March 9th 2021 (14 months)
    MSRP = $100k 2LT, HTC, Artic white with 2 tone GT2 seats, many more options.
    Currently with 700 miles. I would sell it for $125k then put a deposit down on the Z06.
    Anyone interested???

  6. Hate to say it Brandon but you’ll be surprised what the wait is all about, you’re in a newbie state at this point just like I was. I was on 3 lists with no deposit. What event code and what’s your order number. If YOU don’t have that, you’ve been duked. And if you’ve just done all this you’ll be lucky to be driving by March of 22, have a nice wait.

  7. I waited over a year and only because GM extended the build time did I get a 2020 L2 C8 – I paid MSRP plus $5000.

  8. I already have had my ’21 for two months now, Taxman. Dealer was inside of 10 mins from my place. Time from deposit/order to delivery was inside of 4 months. No inside hookups, just a no BS dealer.

  9. Brandon just curious it does sound way out of normal, what was your order number or the last 5 of your Vin?

  10. I opened my eyes one morning in May 2020, announced to my friends I was buying a C8, called several dealers and got the ‘List’ story… Then I went to Ebay motors and BANG , the Buy It Now price was something I could live with and I owned a C8 by noon the next day…. Sure I paid over sticker and don’t regret it . the joy of driving this car out weighs the premium and with over 17,000 miles I could still sell it for more than I paid but ‘blu’ ain’t going no where w/o me in it….and I will buy a ERay when it drops….. ain’t life grand 🙂

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