Download the 2022 Corvette Price Sheet


Download the 2022 Corvette Price Sheet

Photo Credit: CorvetteFurman

Earlier this week our friends at the Corvette Action Center dropped some screenshots from GM’s Workbench ordering system showing partial pricing for the 2022 Corvette models and options. Today they are back with a PDF download that has the complete pricing for the new model year.

Click here to download and view the 2022 Corvette Pricing Sheet (PDF).

In our discussion on pricing earlier, we noted that Chevrolet had dropped the price slightly on the 5VM Visible Carbon Fiber Ground Effects from $4,895 down to $4,445 and now we see the long-forgotten 5W8 Carbon Flash Ground Effects were also reduced and is now priced at $3,445.

Two new dealer-installed items for the 2022 model year are the visible carbon fiber boomerang and the visible carbon fiber high wing. We were thinking these may be a “late availability” since they didn’t show up at all in the earlier screen grabs. But now we see them here with the RYQ Door Intake Trim priced at $3,150 and the 5V5 Carbon Fiber High Wing priced at a very stout $6,495.

As we wait for the configurator for the 2022 model year to come online sometime in September, use the current 2021 Corvette Build and Price Configurator and then substitute any price or options changes to give you an idea of what your dream Corvette will cost.


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