[PODCAST] Corvette News and Headlines on the Corvette Today Podcast


[PODCAST] Corvette News and Headlines on the Corvette Today Podcast

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Join CorvetteBlogger’s Keith Cornett and host Steve Garrett of the CORVETTE TODAY Podcast for a “Corvette News and Headlines” episode where we go beyond the headlines to find out what’s happening out in Corvette Nation with American’s Favorite Sports Car.

Here are just a few of the headlines covered in this podcast…

  1. The average price for a C8 in Q2 was $82,289
  2. 2021 Corvette buyers are having trouble getting dealerships to honor the $1,000 price protection
  3. The Corvette Team confirms they will be at the NCM Anniversary Celebration
  4. A special 1996 C4 Grand Sport is donated to the NCM
  5. A spy video shows a possible magnesium transmission casing on 2023 Z06
  6. OnStar ends a police pursuit of stolen C7 Corvette
  7. Why Chevrolet never made a 4-seater C2 Corvette

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