[ACCIDENT] Texas-Registered C8 Corvette Is Destroyed in Mexico Crash


[ACCIDENT] Texas-Registered C8 Corvette Is Destroyed in Mexico Crash

We’ve heard the saying from YouTubers many times who claim to be “in Mexico” as if that will somehow absolve them out of any potential liability for street racing in the USA.

So maybe there is a bit of karma happening here as we watched Mexico police working an accident scene featuring an Arctic White C8 Corvette Stingray wearing Texas license plates.

[ACCIDENT] Texas-Registered C8 Corvette Is Destroyed in Mexico Crash

While the audio is in Spanish, we flipped on the auto-translate function to get the details of the crash:

A man who was identified as 37-year-old Gerardo Ivan had apparently just left a bar and destroyed his luxury sports car in an accident that occurred on Vasconcelos Avenue in the Santa Engracia neighborhood of San Pedro, Mexico. The Corvette wearing Texas license plates was reported to be speeding when the driver lost control hitting a depression in the road while attempting to dodge slower-moving traffic.

The crash totally ripped off both front wheels and left the rest of the front of the car’s components a tangled mess. The rear of the car was also damaged with the entire rear fascia missing and the rear hatch ripped in two.

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  1. Pulled out of San Pedro late one night
    The moon and the stars was shining bright
    We was driving up Grapevine Hill
    Passing cars like they were standing still

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  2. The beans in the tow yard are going to have a field day stripping the seats out of this one!

  3. Seems like the C8 is the car of choice for drug dealers these days. Can hide the fen in the frunk

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