[VIDEO] Corvette Racing’s Laura Klauser Sits Down with Mobil 1 The Grid


[VIDEO] Corvette Racing's Laura Klauser Sits Down with Mobil 1 The Grid

Our friends at Mobil 1 The Grid recently sat down with Sports Car Program Manager Laura Klauser who now oversees Corvette Racing as well as Cadillac Racing and the Camaro GT4 programs for General Motors. The new alignment of the three programs under one organization allows better sharing of resources and additional collaborations among the teams.

Klauser will be instrumental in the success of Corvette Racing moving forward with IMSA’s change to the GTD-Pro class and a possible GT3-spec car rumored to be under consideration, as well as the team’s short term plans which include the return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans after missing last year’s opportunity due to COVID-19.

From Mobil 1 The Grid via YouTube:

With some of IMSA’s strongest leaders being women, it comes as no surprise that General Motors looked in the direction of Laura Klauser to bring all the Chevrolet racing programs together.

Klauser followed her passion and rose through the ranks in the male-dominated world of motorsports to take over the helm as Sports Car Racing Program Manager at GM.

She now oversees the very successful Corvette Racing operation for the IMSA GT Le Mans (GTLM) class, as well as supervising the Cadillac Daytona Prototype international (DPi) program.

Mobil 1 The Grid

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  1. @ George C.: Laura who has a way cooler job (and resume, no doubt) than you’ll ever have / you’ve ever had, that’s who!

  2. Hmm, George C., you seem to have hit a Lilly Gilbreth nerve.
    Ms. Gilbreth, for all of us who have been Corvette racing fans for years, decades really, probably longer than you have been around, most definitely longer than you’ve been a racing enthusiast, the way GM/Mary unceremoniously ousted a very well respected Doug Fehan hit a nerve with all of us. Not that Mrs. Klauser is a bad person, but there is quite a bit of resentment over that move. The brunt of which is going to fall at Mrs. Klauser’s feet. Build a bridge and get over it.
    Mrs. Klauser is a well educated engineer, we all know that, and competes in her own C6 GS. That is a good thing. And we see the synergies of her role overseeing three GM race entities.
    But there is no getting over how Doug was treated. That was so bad in so many ways and on so many different levels. And, no, we are not going to build a bridge and get over it, even with Doug’s post-firing Corvette Ambassadorship role as a result of the enormous push back that GM received.

  3. Very well said, Corvette Racing was not broken so it did not need to be repaired! Lord help us when the EV’s arrive.

  4. Hey John,
    As we know there is a LOT going on behind the scenes.
    Basically, being redundant here with all that we know, not only was Doug blind-sided, the whole Corvette Racing program was blind-sided with the elimination of GTLM, a racing class the C8.R was specifically designed, engineered and built for, and the sale of P&M….all happening in short order.
    What would we guesstimate the cost of development of the C8.R, even with the production C8 & C8.R being developed side-by-side? My SWAG is ten million, easy, just for the C8.R side of things. And look at how long has it been racing in GTLM! I wouldn’t want to be the cost accountant presenting that amortization schedule to GM bean counters.
    So, frankly, GM/Chev/Corvette Racing has to be respectfully astute with IMSA going forward with the GM/Chev GTD, LMPh, Caddy, & Callaway ADAC, et al, racing programs, longevity wise.
    I believe Doug would have done an admiral job at that 3-tier assignment, as probably a lot of Corvette Blogger people do. Albeit, in the world we live in today, Mary and company saw fit to do something else, something some will reflect as being P.C.
    Least we forget that gearhead Mark Stielow is her boss as GM Director, Motorsports Competition Engineering, whom we have not heard much from.
    Albeit, GM/Mary, with a keen and acute sense for the obvious, realized they couldn’t put Mrs. Klauser in front of a Corvette Corral audience. The audience would be polite, but she would not have the audience, not like Doug. And Doug, GM/Mary choosing wisely, was brought back as the voice of Corvette Racing.

  5. Nicely summarized, Mike 8TY4SPD & MNL13GS. There’s not a lot there that I disagree with! Like so many fans, I love Doug, and have seen him engage with an audience several times in person and remotely (from LeMans/France to Bowling Green, for example). Hell, he even autographed my shirt! He’s awesome.
    But you were also right, that George did kind of hit a nerve. I interpreted his comment as an attack on Laura for being in the right place at the right time, just doing her job.
    I did have to laugh though, and am flattered that you assume I’m some kind of spring chicken. I am in fact a few days older than the Corvette itself, having been born prior to June 30th, 1953! 😉

  6. Thank you for your kind comment, Ms. Gilbreth.
    Being from the NE, we attend races @ WGI, VIR, LRP, the Hershey event, but also various NCM-Bash, 1 Lap, LeMans live stream, Anniversary, etc, events. If u c a C3 with 8TY4SPD or a C6 GS with MNL13GS plates look for the owners and say ‘Hello!’, my wife & I will be near by.

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