Chevy Dealers Have Received Their First Allocations for the 2022 Corvette Model Year


Chevy Dealers Have Received Their First Allocations for the 2022 Corvette Model Year

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Just a quick note to say that Chevrolet has communicated with its dealers and has sent the first allocations for the 2022 Corvette model year.

We’ve spoken with a few dealers already this morning and without confirming exact numbers, some have received more than expected while some of the larger dealers received lower than expected allocations. This has us speculating that these are only initial allocations for the first DOSP order cycle (dealer order submission process) for the 2022s which will start next Thursday, July 29th.

If so, that would make sense as GM may be looking to ramp up the production of 2022s once they get started and didn’t want to hand out numbers that could change based on supply chain issues. We also have to consider that allocations may be slightly less to start with as Europe and the United Kingdom are slated to begin receiving 2022 export models as early as October while exports to Australia and New Zealand will follow later in the 4th quarter.

Another positive note we are hearing about is that the 2022 Corvette IMSA GTLM Championship Editions are not constrained and will be available for ordering right away.

Chevrolet is also telling dealers that 2022 Corvette production is expected to begin the week of September 27th which seems further off then the week of September 6th as was initially speculated.

If we pick up anything else today, we’ll update this post.

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  1. I wonder why Sept27? I did not hear that Chevy was making many changes. You would think if the changes are very few, they could startup again in August or early September.

  2. My, Daniel, we sound a tad bitter. So we were able to get everything else we wanted during the pandemic, were we? You lucky guy!

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