[ACCIDENT] Police Investigating the Deadly Crash of a C8 Corvette Convertible in California


[ACCIDENT] Police Investigating the Deadly Crash of a C8 Corvette Convertible in California

The driver of this Sebring Orange C8 Corvette convertible failed to negotiate a sharp turn and crashed into a backyard pool in Chino, California early Wednesday morning, leaving two people dead and another in serious condition at a hospital.

Somehow, three people had crammed into the two-seater mid-engine Stingray, and all of them were ejected from the vehicle, instantly killing the 21-year-old woman who may have been the driver. A 27-year-old man died later at a hospital, and a third passenger, a 23-year-old female, remains hospitalized with serious injuries. No one in the home was injured.

“It was a big ol’ crash and bang, and I looked out my window and I seen something in the pool,” the homeowner said. “I wasn’t sure what it was.”

Aerial footage from the scene shows the front clip of the Stingray ripped off and lying on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the bushes away from the pool. Officials later had to use a crane to hoist the rest of the car out of the pool and onto the nearby road.

[ACCIDENT] Police Investigating the Deadly Crash of a C8 Corvette Convertible in California

Chino Police Sgt. Jesus Jacquez said the Corvette struck the center median at Schaefer and East End avenues around 2:19 a.m. Wednesday, went airborne through bushes, and landed with the rear of the car upside down in the pool.

Speeding apparently is a common problem on Schaefer Road, neighbors told TV news crews.

The speed limit on Schaefer Avenue is 45mph but dips to 15mph at a very sharp turn marked by large yellow arrows, with the opposing traffic lanes separated by a concrete median. Police say the driver may not have been familiar with the area.

“The exact cause of the crash remains under investigation,” Jacquez said. “We are trying to determine if drugs or alcohol, or speed, were factors in the crash.”

Anyone with information can call the Chino Police Department at 909-628-1234.

Police are also trying to determine whether any of the three passengers were wearing seatbelts.

Authorities are still working to identify the victims and will then contact their families.

foxla.com and CBS Los Angeles

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  1. A shame to young and to fast. But the good news is that Newsome and the federal government are banning all sharp turns until they can get to the bottom of the cause. Lawyers are already gathering to sue GM for not putting a warning light on dash that said slow down you’re moving to fast have to make the morning last.

  2. Why this constant fixation on wrecking Corvettes? Those of us who are driving Corvettes are being painted as reckless morons. How many hundreds of thousands of miles are being driven by Corvette owners without even being involved in a fender-bender? Enough already!

    Montana Bob

  3. Montana Bob, this is a corvette forum. It’s all about corvettes. There are just as many idiots out there that drive other sports cars, but they are in it overall statics. I don’t think that the public considers us corvette owners as a bunch of morons and any worse drivers than the mustang, dodge, BMW, or subs. As l said, this is a corvette forum and we will hear about the idiots that are clueless about these types of cars. Besides, look at the age of the three occupants. Probably drunk or doped up and invincible.

  4. Stephen,

    Of course it is a Corvette Forum! I subscribe to it because I am the proud owner of a 2018 Z06/Z07!

    That said, I am tired of seeing all of these accident articles. I am convinced that I am not alone in that belief. My guess is that, all told, better than 30% of the articles are reporting accidents. That is why I say that it makes we Corvette owners look bad.

    Lastly, you are entitled to your opinion as am I and, unless and/or until the moderator objects to my beefing about it, I will continue to voice my opinion, as you are doing.

    Montana Bob

  5. Montana Bob,
    I do not agree or disagree with you, but have a different perspective. I see it as a way to show people that the Corvette is an incredible car, but we should all know that there are mechanical limitations of the car, as well as human limitations. You can’t just drive them like Mario Andretti and think the car is going to fix either of those for you. 2016 Z06 here with an aftermarket build. Respectfully, Doug

  6. We’ll 2:19 am bars just closed. That resident needs a big guard rail outside the fence so they won’t get killed skinny dipping. 3 in the front of a C8? Yup they were wasted.

  7. . . . but Doug, do you honestly believe that people such as those who were tragically, either seriously injured or killed in this accident would be readers of this article?  

    Picture this:  Three people sitting in a bar at closing, snot-flyin’ drunk, manage to stuff themselves into a C8.  Immediately prior to lighting it off, the driver pauses, saying; “We shouldn’t really be doing this, as I just read an article in CorvetteBlogger about an accident . . . “. 

    Doug, Corvette Blogger is not reaching people who would do something that dumb.  As goes the expression:  “Ya can’t fix stupid!”

    I can understand the occasional article but these articles are far too frequent.  It’s sensationalism and, in my opinion, far beneath a respected publication as is the CorvetteBlogger.

    As always, just my opinion, but I’d bet I’m not alone.

    Montana Bob

  8. Car control. Just need to ban cars, even if it saves just one life. We already have car registration and background checks aka drivers licenses that don’t work. Newsome just needs to pass some more common sense car control laws.

  9. Putting a C8 in a swimming pool is a driver, pardon the expression, in over their head. In this case no fault of the Car but the fault of who ever let this driver behind the steering wheel! A C8 HTC is not a toy! It is a precision GT Automobile and while easy to drive for a reasonable driver letting some one take on this car with no sense of responsibility for possible consequences is a Big Mistake, and should never happen.


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