Laura Klauser Offers Update On the Corvette C8.Rs Conversion to GT3 Specs for 2022


Laura Klauser Offers Update on the Corvette C8.Rs Conversion to GT3 Specs for 2022

Photo Credits: Richard Prince for Corvette Racing

We’ve told you for months now that IMSA will be unveiling a new class called GTD Pro in 2022, nixing its current GTE-spec GTLM class.

The only problem with the new class – at least for Corvette Racing – is that it requires competitors to use the GT3 platform, and Corvette Racing uses the GTE platform and doesn’t have time to get a GT3 car ready by the time competition begins in January.

Fortunately, IMSA is cooperating with Corvette Racing and has agreed to give the team a waiver for the next two or three years and allow it to run its current GTE-spec Corvette C8.R with temporary slight revisions to conform to GT3 specs without having to shell out millions to develop an all-new car.

GM Sports Car Racing Program Manager Laura Wontrop-Klauser – in an interview with GM Authority – offered an update this week on the progress being made behind the scenes for the 2022 season.

“We already knew that the whole point is to transition to the GT3 platform and these cars are not GT3s, so in order to do that, we have to switch the GT3 platform, which is going to be a heavy redesign on the cars,” Wontrop-Klauser tells GM Authority. “But we can’t do that overnight, so for the next couple of years, we’re working with IMSA to see can we make some changes to the current cars to get them into the same performance window as the GT3 to allow us to be able to race instead of giving up, and that’s the stuff we’re still working through right now.”

Laura Klauser Offers Update on the Corvette C8.Rs Conversion to GT3 Specs for 2022

Besides the fact that GT3 cars have slightly less downforce and power, she noted that a major difference between GTE and GT3 cars is the braking system. GTE prohibits ABS brakes, while such a system is mandatory in GT3. Klauser tells GM Authority, however, that while the addition of ABS to the current car will be one of the biggest changes between the GTE-spec car and the GTD Pro car, it will be “a big easy one” for the team.

She also expects the Corvette Racing team to move the 2022 car back and forth from one platform to another, allowing it to race in IMSA’s GTD Pro events with GT3 specs and then compete in FIA WEC with GTE specs, allowing the C8.R to race at Le Mans even after GTD Pro rules begin in 2022.

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