Customize and Protect Your Corvette With These Great Products From ACS Composite


Customize and Protect Your Corvette With These Great Products From ACS Composite

ACS Composite is one of the leading aftermarket companies producing their own high-quality parts and accessories for enhancing and protecting your Corvette. Their C7 and C8 Corvette product portfolio includes an expanded line-up of spoilers, side rocker panels, wings, and splitters, plus a variety of other enhancements for owners looking to tastefully customize their cars.

ACS also knows that many of you who purchase their products are doing the installation themselves, so whenever possible, ACS designs their aftermarket parts for easy installation utilizing OEM fastener locations while also providing comprehensive install videos for most of their products so you’ll know exactly what you are getting yourself into before ordering.

Today we are taking a closer look at their new 1VM front splitter for the C8 Corvette, rear quarter extensions for the C7 widebody models, plus a cool little shelf for the C7 Corvette’s hidden compartment.

ACS 1VM C8 Front Splitter

Corvettes were made with aerodynamics in mind and the C8 Corvette, in particular, was meant to wear a front splitter, so why are you going without one on your 2020-2021 Corvette? The ACS 1VM C8 Front Lip Splitter was created as an intermediate splitter between the entry-level 3-piece OEM Z51 Splitter and GM’s 5VM Splitter, so it’s more aggressive than the Z51 spoiler, but a bit more conservative than the 5VM. It’s a one-piece design that eliminates visible seams and also foregoes the winglets on each corner to give it a sleek, wraparound fit.

1ACS 1VM C8 Front Splitter

The 1VM C8 Front Splitter is made from PC Composite which is a manufacturing process generally reserved for high-volume production parts. These black molded splitters offer high strength and durability, as well as resistance to heat which makes them perfect for mounting on the front of your C8 Corvette.

1ACS 1VM C8 Front Splitter

These intermediate 1VM splitters are finished in Carbon Flash Metallic (CFZ) to match the other Carbon Flash pieces on the car. Installation is identical for both base Corvettes equipped without a front splitter, or those that are equipped with the Z51 splitter. The 1VM utilizes the same mounting holes as the OEM Z51 splitter so its just a matter of removing the T15 screws already on the front of the car, adding the splitter with just four to five screws in place but not tight so you can properly position it, and then tighten those up and then add the final screws to complete the install. ACS offers an installation video on their YouTube channel that covers the process and provides an easy reference guide.

ACS Composite offers the 1VM C8 Front Splitter for $499 and shipping is free.

ACS Composite C7 Corvette ZR1, Z06 & Grand Sport Rear Quarter Extensions

ACS Composite created the C7 Corvette Rear Quarter Extensions after customers requested a matching solution to the front fender extensions. These rear quarter extensions for your rear wheels help to protect your paint and finish along the inner fenders while at the same time providing balance to the look of the car on both the front and back.

ACS Composite C7 Corvette ZR1, Z06 & Grand Sport Rear Quarter Extensions

The ACS Rear Quarter Extensions are pre-painted in Carbon Flash Black and are ready for installation right out of the box. These pieces are specific to the Grand Sport, Z06, and ZR1 models (they will not fit C7 Stingrays) and are sold as a pair.

ACS Composite C7 Corvette ZR1, Z06 & Grand Sport Rear Quarter Extensions

The Rear Quarter Extensions snap into place on the rear fenders utilizing the existing OEM screws while the double-sided tape is used to seal the surface of the deflectors as well. There is no drilling required and the modification is fully reversible. An installation video is available on the company’s YouTube channel.

The C7 Corvette ZR1, Z06 & Grand Sport Rear Quarter Extensions are priced at $499 and shipping is free!

C7 Corvette Hidden Dash Compartment Shelf

One of the more clever features of the C7 Corvette is the secret storage compartment that’s located behind the infotainment screen. The screen slides up at a push of a button to reveal the cubby and it’s like having your own private vault in the cockpit. ACS Composite offers this shelf for the hidden compartment that effectively doubles your storage space while also allowing access to the USB port inside.

C7 Corvette Hidden Dash Compartment Shelf

The C7 Corvette Hidden Dash Compartment Shelf is cushioned with a black felt material that matches the interior of the storage compartment. It also features a small lip that prevents items from sliding off the top shelf. Easy to install, it offers a tight fit so it won’t move or rattle.

C7 Corvette Hidden Dash Compartment Shelf

ACS offers the C7 Corvette Hidden Dash Compartment Shelf for $44.00 with free shipping included.

ACS Composite



  1. When is ACS going to make a rigid hood liner for Z06s?!?

    They make one produced of RTM composite material but it is designed for the Stingray which obviously will not fit a Z06 hood. I have searched high and low of all known Corvette accessory outlets for a rigid, non-OEM hood liner for a Z06 and come up empty-handed.

    I have had a message posted on the Corvette Z06 Forum for a month and a half with no results. As of the time that I write this the post has garnered 1,450 reads and 17 posts but no results.

    Come on ACS, you produce Lord only knows how many different designs of wheelwell spats, make us a rigid hood liner to replace the fragile, cardboard one the Chevy puts in our Z06s!


    Montana Bob

  2. Forgot to mention that my plea for a rigid hood liner is for C7 Z06s. This forum does not offer an “edit” function, so I couldn’t add it to my post.

    Montana Bob

  3. I’ve got their 5VM style splitter on my car. Fitment is perfect, carbon flash looks great and it was super easy to install. I would definitely recommend it

  4. First class products and service. Have their stage 3 splitter with under tray and full side skirts. Better than OEM.


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