[ACCIDENT] Aftermath of a 1962 Corvette Roll-Over Crash in Europe


[ACCIDENT] Aftermath of a 1962 Corvette Roll-Over Crash in Europe

There’s nothing like hitting the open road in a classic Corvette roadster, but sometimes the road hits back as is the case with a Red 1962 Corvette convertible that recently crashed on the A1 highway near the Apeldoorn-Zuid exit in the Netherlands.

We caught the aftermath of this crash investigation which shows the Red roadster off the highway and down an embankment. According to the translation, the Corvette was being driven by a young man when for some unknown reason he left the highway and the car flipped at least once, coming to a rest at the bottom of the hill.

As a classic C2 Corvette owner, a rollover accident is just about the worth thing I can think of happening, but this 1962 roadster seems to have come through okay with the windshield’s frame still intact.

[ACCIDENT] Aftermath of a 1962 Corvette Roll-Over Crash in Europe

The translated report says that bystanders witnessed the accident and called first responders immediately. While there is no update on his condition, we think he probably came through okay although the memory of that wild ride will be sticking with him for some time.

As for the car, it appears the worst of the damage was on the passenger’s side with the rear quarter panel showing the worst of the damage as multiple cracks are seen in the fiberglass as that was probably the point of impact when the car flipped.

The ’62 Corvette looks to be an original example and with the hood fully extended, we can see the roadster is equipped with a fuel-injected engine peeking out of the engine bay.

Let’s hope the car and its driver are back on the road soon!

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