2022 Corvette Prices Increased for the Z51 Performance Package, Front Lift, and Destination Fee


2022 Corvette Prices Increased for the Z51 Performance Package, Front Lift, and Destination Fees

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We wrote earlier this week that dealers can now start submitting preliminary order requests into the GM workbench order system but that pricing wasn’t available yet. Chevy must have heard our call as our friends at the Corvette Action Center are sharing these screens from GM’s ordering system that are now showing some pricing for select options.

Unfortunately, the bottom line is that your price for ordering a 2022 Corvette may cost more than the $1,200 increase that Chevy announced last month depending on options and equipment.

Chevrolet had already announced the $1,200 price increase for the three trim levels on the 2022 model year Corvette, and we learned today that it was the trim groups that were raised by $1,000 and the mandatory destination charge of $1,095 was increased by $200, so that’s how the 2022 Corvettes are going up by $1,200 for everyone. We wanted to see those numbers so here is how they look. The first price is the current 2021 MSRP that includes the $1,095 destination charge for each trim level and body style with the second number showing the $1,200 price increase:

2021 Price vs 2022 Price with destination fees included

  • $60,995 – 1LT Coupe – $62,195
  • $68,295 – 2LT Coupe – $69,495
  • $72,945 – 3LT Coupe – $74,145
  • $68,495 – 1LT Convertible – $69,695
  • $75,295 – 2LT Convertible – $76,495
  • $79,945 – 3LT Convertible – $81,145

As we read through the order sheets, we note that the Z51 Performance Package has been increased from $5,995 to $6,345. Nearly 70% of Corvettes are ordered with the Z51 Performance Package so this one will be hitting a majority of buyers as well. Another popular option is the E60 Front End Lift. This option is now priced at $2,260, an increase of $860 more than the $1,400 when it was offered on the 2020 model. The Black Trident Wheels have been increased by $100 to $2,995 and the High Wing also saw an increase of $100 to $1,250.

As far as the new content for 2022 goes, there is just the low profile spoiler (TVS) which is offered for $595. While the pricing isn’t coming up on the order system, the IMSA GTLM Championship special edition package will add $6,595 to the price of a 3LT Corvette with Z51.

Finally, we note that one option appears to have been discounted. The 5VM ground effects package was initially priced at $4,895 and we now see it priced at $4,445.

Check out these screens below which show the options and pricing based on the 3LT trim package for Coupe. You can see the Convertible pricing sheets here.

2022 Corvette 3LT Coupe Pricing

Corvette Action Center

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  1. We all knew the car was underpriced to begin with. So maybe the low cost was one of the contributing factors to the shortage. Get the people excited for a car they can’t buy and then raise the price when they can buy one.

  2. But Uncle Joe says there’s no inflation. The price of everything is going up. If you have to ask the price maybe you don’t need one.

  3. GM has a massive hit on it’s hands! So GM can now demand whatever they want. And consumers have little to no recourse and must pay more for the cost of entry. And most will pay because they want to be part of a trend, which the C8 unfortunately is. Let’s see what happens when the even more expensive and powerful versions of the C8 come out… if they ever do! Because everything has gotten pushed back or delayed even further. How well those versions will do remains to be seen? But looking at how well the C7 ZR1 did, I would say it’s a safe bet that they will also do incredibly well.

  4. NICE JOB GM you finally priced me out of purchasing a new corvette I’ am sure there are lots more people out there like me . good luck to the next generation.

  5. Terry I bought my first used corvette in 1975 a 65 for $2800 it took me until 2015 to finally have the balls to spend $62,500 for car that really no one needs. But now even if you have the money GM has screwed up so bad you are supposed to feel honored if you can get one at any price. And then they discontinue a car that everyone could use, the cruise, mine has over 150,000 miles and I need another. I know its not their fault kung fu flue chip shortage strike and on and on…..

  6. Uncle Joe has acknowledged that inflation is creeping but GMs didn’t creep it jumped up. Who in there right name would think that the greedy GM folks would keep the car down from increases and an time buyer and owner it’s pitiful this roll out of the C8. They can’t build the cars why not a 3rd shift why allow dealers to add 10 20 30,000 dollars to the car sale. The new statement has done nothing, Hendrick has 8 just sitting on their lot in Cary and they haven’t been picked up in 2 weeks will they get a penalty NO. Just build the car so that we can receive them in an usual TIME say 3-6 months 2 dealers tell mE 18 months. Is that really the best GM can do WhAT A LAUGHING STOCK. I think I’ll just keep my money

  7. GM MUST put in a rebate system of a sort to try to attract those who had order status of 2999 or lower after those orders were cancelled. I’ll keep harping on this because it wasn’t fair to those people who received a “Tough luck; better luck next time” email or letter from the greedy airheaded chumps at the corporate office in the Renaissance Center in Detroit.

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