Corvette Assembly Plant to Close for Second Consecutive Week Amid Parts Shortage


Corvette Assembly Plant to Close for Second Consecutive Week Amid Parts Shortage

Photo Credit: Jeremy Welborn

Last week we received the news that the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky would be closed for the week of May 24th and would reopen on Tuesday, June 1st. Unfortunately, we are now hearing that the plant will be closed for all of next week as well.

The news comes from our friends at the and member djnsoxfan who received an email from Shane at the National Corvette Museum regarding his upcoming R8C Corvette Museum delivery. We picked up the phone and called the Corvette Concierge hotline and they confirmed the Corvette Assembly Plant will be shut down for the week of May 31st with production now expected to resume on Monday, June 7th.

During our call with the Concierge, we were told it was for the same parts shortage that closed the plant this week. It’s been rumored that the Dual-Clutch Transmission is the cause for the delays and we’ve heard everything from the cases being in short supply due to a manufacturing issue to internal parts for the TREMEC DCT that come from Mexico. We will probably never know the exact issue.

Next week’s plant closure will mark the sixth full week that 2021 Corvette model year production has been impacted by issues with the supply chain, although bad weather did play a role in the early February closure. The last car that was completed by the plant was finished on May 21st and it is VIN 14558.

We have reached out to Chevrolet’s spokespeople for confirmation and later this afternoon we received this answer to our question on if the plant was going to be closed:

Yes, due to a temporary parts supply issue, Bowling Green Assembly will not run production the week of May 31. Our supply chain, manufacturing and engineering teams are working closely with our supply base to mitigate any further impact on production, and we expect the plant to resume normal operations on Monday, June 7.

As of this point, how these most recent closures will affect the final allocations for the ’21 model year will be anyone’s guess. The final allocations were expected in June with model year production originally slated to come to an end in mid-August or early September.


Corvette Assembly Plant to Shut Down Over Parts Shortage Next Week
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Corvette Assembly Plant to Close Next Week Due to Parts Shortage



  1. This is a running joke now, GM. I’m placing bets at the sports book on WHEN you’ll have the next temporary factory shutdown.


  2. I think GM should just CLOSE. That seems to be what they do best. Move orders from 1100 to 3000, then letting customers think that things are starting to look up but then you set on hold for over 2 months +and at 3000 you can’t even change your order, so that’s customer service.
    Maybe it’s great for GM but sucks for the regular customer. Why can’t GM make more of their own part’s instead of China, Japan. and Mexico. I think we have had enough of stuff from CHINA, let them keep their crap.

  3. Good friggen god GM!? Time for some new dependable parts suppliers don’t ya think?? This looks very bad GM what the hell are you doing?? Six weeks now down on closures, wow. I’m embarrassed for you guys.

  4. That’s funny because in my town the Chevy lot is full and the Ford lot is empty. If the chip and parts shortages keep going all lots are going to be empty soon. Not a good time to be in the market for a new car as there will be NO deals available for the buyer.

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