[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Stingray is Customized for New Owner in 15 Minutes


[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Stingray is Customized for New Owner in 15 Minutes

The 2020 Corvette is a beautiful car straight from the factory in Bowling Green.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon.

Witness this Sebring Orange convertible that underwent several changes mechanically and appearance-wise to create a car that now “checks all the boxes,” according to a video posted on YouTube by Wheels Boutique. We’d tend to agree.

The car was shipped down to their Miami, Florida shop from New York in pretty basic form, with stock wheels and a Z51 spoiler in place.

But the guys at Wheels Boutique, with some help from their neighbors, Detail Boutique, added several custom touches, including:

  • ANRKY AN10 wheels, in gloss black, upsizing to 20s in the front and 21s in the rear, an inch bigger than the factory units. “The reason we do this is it looks a lot more proportional to the car,” the host explains. “It looks a lot better and you also get a wider wheel and tire. The 21 x 12.5 rear allows for 325 Pirellis.”
  • Sebring Orange calipers, instead of the factory Bright Red calipers.
  • Sebring Orange side vents, instead of the stock carbon flash.
  • GM carbon fiber side skirt and front splitter.
  • Paint Protection Film, paint correction, ceramic coating
  • High wing rear spoiler
  • Carbon fiber Fabspeed tips on the exhaust.
  • Fabspeed Sport Street exhaust, without valves (though after driving it for a weekend, owner Joe decided to go with the valved version that will be drop-shipped to him in New York).
  • Fabspeed high-flow cats
  • Kooks Performance Headers
  • Front end lowered about an inch.
  • Sky Cool Gray interior cleaned and ceramic coated to protect the leather and make it easier to clean.

“I am extremely happy with the way this car came out,” the host says. “It’s been one of my favorites. Admittedly I’m not an American muscle car guy or GM guy. I like Porsches, but this car impresses me so much. It’s extremely quick, it looks amazing, it sounds great so it checks all the boxes.”

What do you think? We think it looks amazing!


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  1. Moderate upgrades. Nothing over the top. They look like upgrades from the factory…except the wheels obviously, which does make its stance look better.

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