[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Hype Film ‘Vice City Vette’ is a GTA-Styled Masterpiece


[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Hype Film 'Vice City Vette' is a GTA-Styled Masterpiece

For those that have played the video game Grand Theft Auto, you are familiar with the various cut scenes featuring beautiful cars in exotic locals with gorgeous women. It’s a style unique to the game and when you see it replicated in real life, you know exactly where it comes from. That same vibe from Grand Theft Auto was applied during the creation of this short film shot in Miami by Schwaa Films with a customized 2020 Corvette.

We’ve actually featured this car a couple of times with its Vossen custom wheels and the Duckbill spoiler from Racing Sport Concepts. The car is owned by Gabe Florido of the Instagram page, CarLifestyle and his personal page can be viewed at GabeFlorido.

[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Hype Film 'Vice City Vette' is a GTA-Styled Masterpiece

Fair warning as there’s a bit of skin shown during the intro like the preview below shows, but the majority of the film is all about the Corvette.

From SchwaaFilms via YouTube:

So while down in Miami for the R2R rally, I was able to meet up with my friend Gabe who owns CarLifestyle. If you guys remember, years ago I filmed his Camaro. I’ve been wanting to shoot his C8 for a while, and since I was down in Miami I knew this was the perfect time. Unfortunately since I had spent 4-5 days on the rally shooting non stop, I didn’t have much energy left to go all out on this video. But best believe there is going to be a part 2, night run video! This car looks sooooo good rolling on the road. Hope you guys enjoy the Miami vibes in this one!

As the description says, there will be a part II featuring the car at night so we’ll be looking forward to that! Let us know your comments about the video below!

SchwaaFilms / YouTube

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  1. I have the Z51 and lowered as much as it will go. What springs do I need to get to go That low?

  2. The GTA version of any production car always looks better imo! The GTA artists do an awesome job of creating cool looking cars and bikes in that game!

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