[PICS] We Are Digging This New C8 Corvette Customizing Trend


[PICS] We Are Digging This New C8 Corvette Customizing Trend

Photo Credit: Steve Burns

We’ve caught on to a new trend that C8 Corvette owners are doing with their cars and we think it looks great.

But first, can you see what I am talking about from the photo above?

No, it’s not the wheels…and it’s not the custom aero either (although both look great on this car.)

[PICS] We Are Digging This New C8 Corvette Customizing Trend

Our Detroit Bureau Steve Burns is in Carlisle for the weekend and he shared these photos to our CorvetteBlogger Facebook Page featuring a 2020 Corvette in Sebring Orange. The mid-engine sportscar has been updated with Vossen Wheels as well as some custom looking rockers and a front splitter from Splitters PR.

What we really like about this 2020 Corvette is how the roof, windshield frame, and rear deck have all been wrapped in black which gives this Z51 Coupe a look similar to a C8 Convertible with the black roof and nacelles option. We especially like how the wrap follows the lines down the sloping rear hatch until they terminate on the deck. With the combination of window tints, it makes the whole top of the car look black while below the beltline is the great contrast with the Sebring Orange.

[PICS] We Are Digging This New C8 Corvette Customizing Trend

The blacked-out cockpit and roof are just another way that owners are customizing outside the available options found on the dealer order forms and like we said, we really like the results. We’ll leave you one more photo showing a close-up of the Vossen wheels and aftermarket aero kit on the car.

[PICS] We Are Digging This New C8 Corvette Customizing Trend

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  1. I know about a month ago Youtuber Streetspeed717 had done the same thing about two months ago. you can see in this video his car is already done like the orange one you have from Carlisle.

  2. GM should offer this two tone paint from the factory on the coupe. The black over orange is really sharp!

  3. The company that makes the aero kit is SPR (Splitter’s PR). It’s a Puerto Rican company that makes aftermarket carbon fiber accessories. I also think the upper black wrap looks great. It’s so nice it looks like it could be a factory option.

  4. The blacked out roof panels, the windshield pillars and the coupe nacelles makes for such a ugly combo of two tone no matter what the color that custom theme is on. Thats what makes the vert so ugly. Keep everything body color certainly makes the C8 a much more attractive car.

  5. I agree, it should be a factory option for both models as I would select it on the convertible. The body’s sleek lines are emphasized. It make the C8 more exotic.

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