Chevy Wants You To Keep Your LT2 Motor Running


Chevy Wants You To Keep Your LT2 Motor Running

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Chevrolet has an important tip for owners regarding the C8 Corvette’s LT2 powerplant. Chevy wants to you run that engine!

A Chevy spokesperson sent our friends at the the following message regarding engine run times and apparently many of us could be doing it better.

Chevrolet is suggesting that to keep the spark plugs clean of carbon, get out there and do some spirited driving. And whenever possible, when you do start your engine, let it run for at least 3 minutes or until your temps are greater than 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chevy Wants You To Keep Your LT2 Motor Running

Here is the message as provided by a Chevrolet spokesperson:

The LT2 engine in the Corvette is a very capable and powerful powerplant; the jewel within the all-new mid-engine design. Producing 495 horsepower at 6450 rpm and 470 lb-ft. of torque at 5150 rpm with performance exhaust, this engine produces more naturally aspirated HP per liter of displacement than any Corvette engine in history.

To fully enable this extreme level of engine performance, the LT2 was designed to be driven. Like many performance car engines, the LT2 is sensitive to short run-time starts where the spark plug does not have time to heat up. In these cases, carbon from the combustion process can accumulate on the spark plug and result in rough idle or misfire. The best way to keep your spark plugs clean is to safely exercise your Corvette on your favorite roads or track. Both running your engine and spirited driving can clean plugs that may be partially impacted.

Whenever possible, try to run your engine until it has reached a coolant temperature greater than 125 degrees Fahrenheit, and/or at least 3 minutes of engine run time, instead of frequent, short duration start/stop cycles.

We are assuming that this tip is based on evidence gathered from the diagnostics of cars that have been serviced, as well as any failed engines that were returned to Detroit for failure analysis. And from their explanation, it reminds us of the good ol’ days of leaded fuel. “No officer, I wasn’t speeding, I was just blowing the carbon out” was the joke back then.

Now that Chevrolet is suggesting you get out there and drive, we’ll expect a full report on Monday to see how you did.


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  1. True with the C7. If I don’t exercise mine it does get a little punky at idle. Italian tuneups work great.

  2. Excellent advice, GM. The drive between Las Vegas and Primm is an excuse to open up the throttle for a little bit.

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