Important Dates Coming Up Regarding the 2022 Corvette Model Year


Important Dates Coming Up Regarding the 2022 Corvette Model Year

Photo Credit: Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti

Chevrolet sent an update to dealers as yesterday begins the ordering cycle for May’s Corvette allocations. That memo contained several important dates for the upcoming 2022 model year that we wanted to share. But first I’ll offer a quick update on 2021 model year Corvette production.

The Corvette Assembly Plant was closed for the week and it has been rumored to be supplier issues with the dual-clutch transmissions that were causing the hold-up. That’s the same supply issue that caused the February closures earlier this year. Despite the assembly line being down, completed Corvettes continued shipping to dealers while workers did maintenance and addressed any other issues.

So far, Chevrolet has built 13,690 Corvettes for the 2021 model year. Chevrolet previously told dealers to expect ’21 production to wrap up the week of August 9th. If that’s the case, and if the Corvette plant can do another uninterrupted streak at near full capacity (180-190 per day), then it’s possible we could see about 25,000 built for the model year. So all of you who have been at Event Status 3000, keep hanging in there as there are still a lot of 2021 Corvettes still to be built.

For the 2022 Corvette news, we thank Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti for providing these dates through his recent video.

Rick tells us that the 2022 Corvette Visualizer would be online on June 9th. The visualizer allows you to play with all the latest color updates and more and you have control to spin the car to see how it looks.

Next up will be the release of the 2022 Corvette Order Guide. We were expecting to see that this month but it has officially been pushed back for release on June 28th. The Order Guide lists everything available for the model year, as well as what options are standard/optional on the different trim levels.

Finally, the 2022 Corvette Build and Price configurator will be launched on September 6th. That is significant as well and assumes that the pricing for the 2022 models will have been released by that time. We usually see model year pricing following just after the release of the Order Guide, and we will hopefully have it sooner rather than later this year.

During the NCM Bash, the Corvette Team said that ordering for the first 2022 models will come sometime in July and we expect that to happen just a few weeks after the release of the Order Guide. With those first initial orders happening in July, we expect dealers to get some initial allocation numbers maybe as early as June, but exactly when we do not know.

In his video, Conti says a source of his is telling him that 2021 production will run into September with just a long weekend as a break in the action between model years. That rumor is unconfirmed.

Chevrolet has yet to provide dealers with any guidance for any orders that won’t get built so follow the news here and stay in contact with your dealer on that. And while on the subject of bad news in that regard, we are also expecting a price increase for the 2022 model year based on market conditions and inflation which is driving up material and transportation costs.

So that’s it for this update. As of now, we are expecting the Corvette Assembly Plant to reopen for business on Monday morning, but should that change, we let you as soon as we know!

Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti

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  1. Only to close once again! I have never seen so many interruptions in production in my life! What the hell is going on down in Bowling Green? You would think with the level of the popularity enjoyed by the C8, the plant would be running 24/7 to keep up with the demand. Apparently that doesn’t seem to be the case with GM and the Bowling Green Assembly Plant.



  3. Hey AR 15, what about when there wasn’t a parts supply issue? What would be your excuse then? GM has had one nonsensical and ridiculous reason after another for closing the plant. GM has poor leadership, and it starts at the top with Mary Barra. Her incompetence and inability to run GM in an efficient and effective manor has created many of the problems that are associated with GM nowadays.

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