Chevrolet Lifts the Constraints on the High Wing and Black Trident Wheels


Chevrolet Lifts the Constraints on the High Wing and Black Trident Wheels

Corvette enthusiasts who are waiting for their dealers to call their number are getting some welcome news this week as GM appears to have lifted the constraints on the Black Trident Wheels and the High Wing Spoiler.

The LPO 5DF Black Trident Accessory Wheel went on constraint in February due to a “supplier-restriction” and they were expected to be scarce through April. The Corvette Action Center tells us that the front versions of the dealer-installed wheels were plentiful but it was the rear wheels that were in short supply.

5DF Back Trident Wheels

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

The Black Trident wheels were a very popular option on the 2020s with 2,788 customers adding them to their orders. They were one of the few options that saw their price increase for 2021 which Chevrolet raising the price by $200 per set. They can be ordered for $2,895 per set.

Also making its glorious return to the Corvette order system is the dealer-installed High Wing spoiler. We noted back in January that the High Wing was already back in stock on the Accessories page at and they could be ordered through the dealer parts window.

2020 Corvette with Carbon Flash High Wing

Photo Credit: Clarence Garner

The High Wing was removed from new Corvette orders back in July 2020 due to the vendor being unable to keep up with the heavy demand for them. Both the Carbon Flash High Wing (5ZZ) and Body Color High Wing (5ZU) were first constrained at the end of March 2020 due to short supplies and heavy demand.

Corvette Action Center


The 5VM Visibile Carbon Fiber Aero Kit is Available Again Through Chevrolet Accessories
High Wing Spoiler is Back In Stock and Available for Ordering at



  1. Much, much prefer the Wicker spoiler over the high spoiler…unless, of course, it’s the C8.R rear spoiler, then I’m game.

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