C8 Corvette’s Black Trident Wheels Expected to be on Constraint Through April


C8 Corvette's Black Trident Wheels Expected to be on Constraint Through April

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Corvette buyers sure do love their black wheels and apparently so does the Corvette Team. So much that they decided not to offer chrome-finished wheels for the start of the C8 Corvette. Those changing buying habits and lack of popular alternatives have created even more demand for black wheels, so much so that the vendor that makes the LPO 5DF Black Trident Wheels has been struggling in the age of COVID to keep up with the orders.

We’ve been talking about shortages with the Black Trident Wheels for nearly a month now, and Chevy officially listed them as a constraint earlier this month. Now, according to GM’s national constraint report that came out on February 11th, the dealer-installed wheels are listed as a “supplier restriction” and they will have 0% allocation at least through April 2021.

Also related to the Black Trident Wheels are the LPO 5ZD “Center Cap in Carbon Flash with Crossed Flag Logo” which now requires the 5DF Black Trident Wheels when ordering. That’s according to an update made to the 2021 Corvette Order Guide. However, the center caps can be ordered directly through Chevrolet’s Corvette Accessories as a stand-alone item (Part No: 84691535).

The Black Trident wheels are a popular add-on despite their additional cost with 2,788 customers adding them to their orders in 2020. Chevrolet increased the prices of the 5DF wheels by $200 for the 2021 model year with the accessory rims now costing $2,895 per set.

So what’s a Corvette buyer to do in this situation? We have seen a couple owners offering their wheels for sale on various Facebook groups, and as they are dealer-installed, you will be able to order them from your dealer’s parts department once they are available and back in stock. As we said previously if your 2021 Corvette’s target production week (TPW) is coming up and you want black wheels for your Corvette, you’ll have to go with either the (Q8Q) Carbon Flash Open Spoke design or go aftermarket.


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