Man Wins a C8 Corvette from the Georgia Lottery but Dealers are Refusing to Play Along


Man Wins a C8 Corvette from the Georgia Lottery but Dealers are Refusing to Play Along

A Georgia man needs his streak of luck to continue a little while longer.

Dennis Kahler bought a scratch-off lotto ticket through the Georgia Lottery and won a C8 Corvette (valued at up to $107,000) and $250,000 in cash. Wow!

Unfortunately, the folks at the Georgia Lottery apparently didn’t realize how hot the new mid-engine Stingray is, and now they’re having trouble finding a car for Kahler.

“I already know what I want, a 2LT,” Kahler told Corvette Forum, saying that he wants a Rapid Blue Z51 that would sticker for $80,465. That means he would get an extra $26,535 in cash, plus a new Corvette, plus the $250K.

The problem is virtually every C8 is already sold for the foreseeable future. The lottery did manage to find a dealership named Five Star Chevrolet that was willing to help out but they allegedly want an extra $10,000 markup over MSRP. That didn’t please Kahler, however.

Man Wins a C8 Corvette from the Georgia Lottery but Dealers are Refusing to Play Along

“I used to be a general sales manager for a dealership, so I know the way things operate,” he said. “I’m not giving up the money on my purchase by using them.”

Kahler did find another option, Master Chevrolet that says they can order a 2021 in the third quarter of this year but they can’t guarantee a delivery date.

Lawyers apparently have gotten involved now, so we’re not sure how this situation will play out. It sounds to us like the lottery dropped the ball and should have had the foresight to have a car already promised through a dealership before ever offering it as a prize. More than likely, though, whoever was in charge isn’t a car enthusiast and probably figured it would be as easy as going to any

Chevy dealership and picking up a new Corvette. Had it been a C7 being offered, that would have been the case, but not with the red-hot mid-engine Stingray.

Best wishes to Kahler for a speedy solution to his dilemma. Our best advice is that once he finally gets the new car, it’ll be worth the wait.

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  1. Even tho it happened I find it unbelievable that it did happen. How can the lottery commission offer a prize that they do not have in their possession. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.


  3. Picking up my 2021 Rapid Blue Z51 Magnetic ride control tomorrow. I might consider selling it.

  4. Bob , is it really the 10-40 that keeps you from buying…… I drive mine every day and love it , the best 100k i’ve ever spent :-)….. I’m looking for another one to park beside my Rapid Blu baby….. and I’ll probably pay the 10-40 rather than watch someone else drive the car I want , hell -itz just money……ain’t life grand !!

  5. The lottery certainly isn’t going to go broke to pay the dealer premium for the winner. If it were me, I’d have my lawyer get an injunction against the lottery requiring them to send a rep. to Mecum or Barrett-Jackson and not come home without a Corvette to award to the winner, regardless of what it’s costing. Any amount above what they were expecting to pay is absorbed by the lottery. You just can’t weasel out of this.

  6. If this dude wants a C8 then he can pay the mark up. The state is allotting him up to $107,000 for the car. He is already getting an extra 250k so stop whining about the mark up and be happy you’ve won. I had a friend that won a new vette years ago then complained he had to pay 11k in taxes before he could pick it up. But he didn’t complain when he turned around and sold it for a 35k profit. Some people are never happy no matter how much they have.

  7. Get a hold of The Chevy Dude on YouTube. He is on of the Top Corvette Salesperson in the USA. He works at Bachman Chevrolet in Louisville KY.

  8. Well Bill G. I am in my 60’s and not all of us have your money and an extra 10 to 40 grand is keeping me from buying one. I have a C2 and a C6, (which was bought used with low miles), but each one took years to pay for and only being a middle class member just making in the 50’s any additional mark up DOES, make a difference. My house will be paid off in 2 years, so then I will look to sell the C6 (which has over 100K miles on it) and buy my first brand new Corvette, probably be my last new one too.

  9. Or he could do the smart thing and buy himself a Porsche 911 that will hold its value, is a VASTLY better car, put $100k into savings, Roth IRA and still have money for taxes and donate say $25K to charities, animal shelters, local schools etc. He can also go get expert advice on how to do something meaningful with this windfall and his life instead of filling his meaningless, self serving life with more junk…..

  10. Seriously? This is the penultimate example of FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS! Here’s an idea. STFU and enjoy the pile of FREE money you just got. Do you really need that Vette RIGHT NOW?! No! No you don’t you pathetic greedy turd! Muricans, wish I could cull all of you for the sake of humanity.

  11. For gods sakes man! You have won over 350 grand, can’t you just be happy. Share your good fortune. So what if you need to give them a little more of your free winnings. Be happy, and as the Vulcans say ‘ Live long and prosper…. enjoy that new Corvette my friend…I am happy for ya…

  12. What can you expect from a Car Salesman who sees everyone except ofcourse as to be fleeced – greed and avarice. Now he knows what its like to be asked to pay a premium due to limited supply. He undoubtedly the same thing of extracting his “pound of flesh” from every customer in his former life, and now he wants the opposite treatment.
    This guy is just a POS who cannot be expected to lead by example even though he has been given a wonderful gift to do so.
    Sigh. Just yet another example of the times we live in.

  13. Wow, to read some of these nasty comments is pathetic. My opinion is to work it out with the lottery & Chevrolet. Do not get lawyers involved, that will just add way to much time to the process. The idea is to be driving & enjoying the car. Why not split the markup with the lottery. Get the car & enjoy. Everyone has bad luck, what if happens? Guy could have a heart attack while waiting for the lawyers to work it out!!

  14. Stuttgart Bob, 911 vs C8 as the better car is a good debate, but as far as 911 holding value better than C8 compared to pre-C8 Corvettes, don’t hold your breath.

    I’ve never owned a Corvette and never wanted to beforw, Ive owned Camrys, RAV4, CR-V, Civic Si, and trust me pre-C7 Id pick a 911 Targa or even a Cayman SI, its very different I want a C8 more than any 911 except a GT2 RS or maybe a GT3, and virtually everyone I know in the age 15-30 group wants a C8.

    I’ll bet half my retirement savings on ANY 2020 C8 holding its value over any 2020 911 over the next 15 years if you can match it, cmon man this should be easy money, present value could buy almost 2 2020 911 GT2 RS at market rates or 5 showroom 911s

    Worked in the Automotive manufacturing awhile, no thanks to GM product management covid has produced the perfect storm for the Corvette brand.
    Corvette brought in aspirational young buyers with the C8, and then the model launch year C8 became the lowest production numbers corvette in history. A ton of 2020 buyers were slotted into 2021

    Do you see what throngs of youtubers are paying above list for C8 vs Ferrari & Lambo drag race videos? There will be other cars, but C8 noww holds the mistique among mass-market aspirational car buyers above any 911, Lambos, Audi R8, and any Ferrari costing less than 3x a Stingray, that the brand never had in its history.

    GM management may manage to destroy the brand, but as of now there has never been a bigger population of young buyers with money, chasing a rare C8 vs a rare Porsche or Ferrari, ready to ante up a premium for it.

    Perhaps you need to visit a Meccum auction and see what a Charger or Bel Air is going for over original price vs Porsche then come back and well talk.

    Noone in their right mind would take even a 2020 GT3 with every last option over a 2020 Stingray if they want an investment vehicle.

  15. * any 2020 standard/limited Porsche 911 vs any 2020 standard/limited Corvette model

    * 2020 C8 Stingray vs 2020 GT3: rephrase, clearly you’d pick a free GT3 over a free Stingray since even with the highest markups each is getting, a GT3 could be resold today for 2-3x the Stingray.

    But 10 years from now, I predict that an average 2020 Stingray will bring more at Meccum or Barrett than an average 2020 GT3

  16. @stuttgart bob, what are you doing on a Better site with talk like that! A 911 vastly superior car ha😃 The performance models are as dull as dishwater!

  17. Everybody is freaking out about this and it isn’t justified. He most likely bought a ticket for shits and giggles and one won. he got excited, cashed in the ticket and was told he’d get a c8 Corvette. The government didn’t think to get a build allocation, and this is there fault. Period. Calm down.

  18. I would take the money any day, but I’m not a car person because they’re depreciable.

  19. Either take the money or get on the waiting list and you will eventually get what you want on someone elses dime. The lotto screwed up but just relax and way your options. It’s not difficult.

  20. 100k? no not for a corvette go get urself a Mercedes AMG S65 and call it a day ur going to pay a little more but it’s worth gime a shout and I’ll send you pictures of myne, the reason I say this is because I was going to get one too that’s until I drove the S65 wow what a difference I mean you won $250k treat yourself to something really special, you deserve it

  21. First off msrp is what the dealer pays for the car from the factory. That has nothing to do with the price the dealer is charging. Nor does it reflect what you should ecpect to pay. What the dealerwindow sticker lists the car for is the price. Or anyone would just go to the factory and ask to pay the dealers price. Does not happen.

    As for the guy boasting about paying 40k markup and wanting to get another. In 1 to 4 years when supply has caught up with demand and you lost half your investment I would like to see your response.

    The guy that says the c8 value in 20 years will be more then a porsche lmfao. No stock vette built in the last 30 years has held more then 30 percent of its value if you buy it and put less then 5k miles on it amd its one of the first models and they have a high rate of totaled or destroyed cars maybe. Other then that in 20 years you will have a 10k 15k corvette like every other STANDARD vette produced in the last 30 years

    And the lottery specifically puts a cash value on any specific prize. So just because you think you can ask for a fully loaded z51 package cause you won a corvette does in no way mean they agreed to providing that. In fact it states the standard MSRP without any additional options. So any cost incurred after stated value including taxes is responsibility of the winner

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