GM Vice President Steve Hill Says Most C8 Corvette Buyers Are New to the Chevy Brand


Chevy's Vice President Steve Hill Says Most C8 Corvette Buyers Are New to the Chevy Brand

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As the average age of Corvette customers continued to spiral upward with each generation of the car, Chevy made no secret that its goal with the C7 and C8 was to lure fresh blood to the mix.

So far, so good with the new mid-engine eighth generation!

According to Vice President of GM North America Steve Hill, two out of three C8 buyers are new to Chevy.

The company has also discovered that prospective C8 customers have been cross-shopping the new Stingray with its long-time rival, the Porsche 911, more than any other car.

So far, the Corvette seems to be winning the numbers race with 8,992 Corvettes sold during the last quarter of 2020 (up from 3,491 during the same period in 2019). Now that production problems caused by the pandemic seem to have been stopped for the time being, that number is likely to do nothing but climb higher and higher in 2021.

No wonder that the new Stingray is so popular with customers who want speed, especially when they cross-shop the Corvette with the Porsche.

While subjective factors like perceived quality, interior features, and more can play a big role in convincing someone to buy a car, the objective numbers overwhelmingly point in the Corvette’s favor.

For example, the new Stingray features an LT2 V8 engine that with the optional Performance Exhaust produces 495 horsepower. It goes from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds and has been praised for its driving characteristics, technological features, and most of all for its astoundingly low base price of $59,995. Options are also much cheaper than on the Porsche.

Speaking of the 911, it’s no contest when it comes to numbers. The 2021 Porsche 911 Carrera coupe starts out at $100,550 and delivers much less performance – going from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds (3.8 with the optional Sport Chrono pack) with its 379 horsepower 3.0-liter twin-turbo flat-six engine.

The 911 Carrera S delivers faster numbers (0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds or 3.3 seconds with the Sport Chrono pack and 443 horsepower) but at an increased price of $116,450.

We realize the Porsche and Corvette crowds are extremely loyal to their brands, but the fact that research shows 67 percent of C8 owners are new customers for Chevy and that more shoppers are comparing the two models, has to be great news for General Motors.


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  1. Having acquired a C8 on April 13, 2020, I missed the optioning opportunity because someone developed their “dream Corvette” using Corvette color Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic in coupe/Z51 form. Racing stripes and roof of carbon fiber color to match the high wing spoiler and outer mirrors both carbon interior/exterior packages were optioned. Magnetic ride/front lift also optioned and the 5VM ground effects kit was dealer purchased and installed on 04/14/2020 prior to delivery. Performance subsequently was enhanced with a Borla ATAK exhaust system and a blue dry filter aftermarket filter (12 HP). The car has been finished off with LAMBO doors. I’ve put 2100 miles on the car and love the way it drives me to any errand around town, take me along the freeway in style and helps me out-corner anything I’ve encountered in the twisties. In the meantime, I’ve been driving my 2012 3.4 liter standard Carrera 991/911 in Racing Yellow. A CAT-back exhaust and a GT3RS air filter have added about 15 horse power to the original 350 with PDK and Sport Crono along with Carrera S 20″ wheels. I really enjoy the sound of the car
    s rear-mounted engine as I wind it up with its 7-Speed dual clutch transmission as I both hear and feel the shifts. It really is a lot of fun getting the most out this naturally aspirated two-wheel drive personal GT car. I also love the Bose Stereo system with all of its modes and the leather interior has held up beautifully over my 8.5 years of ownership. Putting the Michelin cup 4 tires on it made it much more comfortable than the stock Parrelli’s and a lot more predictable. Lately, I’ve been driving both cars quite a bit and have noticed that the two cars are wonderful. They are however, entirely different cars. Both are eminently satisfying and each car has its own wow factor. If I had to choose between the two cars, I’d choose the C8. But I’d miss the slightly smaller flat six that has so much character, that when I finish a ride, I long for no other car. Yes, the two cars appeal to the same type of drivers, I dare say. At the same time, if I had to choose between all earlier generation Corvettes and my 2012 regular Carrera, there would be no Corvette in the garage. I love both cars. This is my first General Motors car. If this C8 holds up, I believe it will be my last General Motors car because I don’t need or want, really any of the coming Corvettes and all the other GM cars on offer do not attract me at all…that is with the exception of the coming E-Ray. I certainly want to test drive that car! AF

  2. I question the veracity of the statement that 67 percent of C8 owners are new to Chevy. Of course everyone looking at the Corvette has cross shopped with lots of other cars, including the 911.
    I believe Chevrolet would like to get folks other than us loyal followers interested in the Corvette, and positioned against a car that’s $40 K more is the ideal spot for the C8.
    These comments from GM brass seem more like wishful thinking. Show how the data was obtained.
    PS GM never asked us about what we drove or which cars we crossed shopped before purchasing our C8.

  3. I received 2 email questionnaires since I bought my C8. There were questions about what cars I owned prior to my purchase and what I still own.

  4. “Alex Ford” how do have a Borla ATAK exhaust system, Borla did not release any exhaust system for the C8 yet (as of 1/8/2021).

  5. Wasn’t that the goal from GM all along? To get younger buyers into the C8? Frequenting the car show scene a lot in 2020 I noticed a slightly younger demographic of C8 owners, but most were the well over 55 year old crowd. Youtubers seem to be the youngest C8 owners I have seen, especially the vloggers.

  6. I have owned 6 Porsches over the years (still own 2). I owned a 2017 Grand Sport 2LT, Long Beach Red, for a couple of years. The Corvette proved to be low maintenance, it had good mpg, I liked the electronics, and it drew a lot of attention even though it was unmodified. For me though, I like having a back seat for children or a dog and I like having the engine in the rear. Unfortunately, my Porsche friends (and my wife) are total snobs when I compliment the C7 or C8.


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