Motor Authority Names the C8 Corvette as its Best Car to Buy in 2021


Motor Authority Names the C8 Corvette as its Best Car to Buy in 2021

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

The C8 Corvette, says Motor Authority, is one car to remember.

That’s the overriding reason why the website chose the new mid-engine Stingray as Motor Authority’s Best Car To Buy 2021.

“When I think back to all the cars I drove this year,” contributor Brian Wong said, “that is the one I will remember the most. I had the most fun with it. I went out and drove it every single day.”

Senior Editor Robert Duffer was just as enthusiastic, saying “You make excuses to go out and drive it. It’s a great place to be. It gives you all the thrills you want out of a car.”

Interactive Content Manager Joel Feder, meanwhile, pointed out the new Corvette’s bang for the buck. “It’s a lot of performance car for not a lot of money,” he said of the car with a base price below $60,000. “It’s astounding what they did with the change to the mid-engine design.”

In short, they said, the C8 is “the kind of car we want to own and drive.”

Wong praised the engineers for creating a car “that almost reads your mind” while you drive it. “If I wanted the nose to dive in, it would. If I wanted to hang on the power and get it to move around a little in the back, it would.”

Feder says the C8 is comparable to a Ferrari and the powerful C7 ZR1 (which won Best Car To Buy 2019. “This car’s steering is so much more precise,” he said of the C8. “Frankly, it reminds me a lot of the 488 Spider and that car was like $300,000. And it’s going to be 10 times more reliable.”

While not everyone on the staff was a fan of the design, they admitted the new Stingray is an attention-getter.

“The C8 will make kids’ mouths drop open, grown adults stare, and people ask all sorts of questions,” Feder said. “Many don’t even realize it’s a Corvette.”

Duffer says the European supercar wedge married with classic Corvette cues commands attention and keeps it. “At a truckstop, truckers stopped their rigs to admire and ask questions, on the road passing windows were filled with thumbs up and smartphone pix, and even in my driveway, a grandma let a toddler run his hand over the wheel arches,” he said.

The presentation of the engine was another feature that left Wong impressed. “I love the theater of the Corvette,” he said. “When you lift up the back and you see the engine and all the carbon fiber sitting there. That’s something you don’t get with the old Corvette.”

That doesn’t mean they were completely satisfied, with a couple of designs drawing fire (the long row of buttons on the center console and the busy rear end).

All in all, though, the C8 Corvette impressed the staff at Motor Authority.

“Our bottom line,” they concluded, “goes back to how the Corvette drives. It makes us want to drive it, which is the mission of a sports car.”


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  1. Maybe if they had the same experience I am they might not rate it so high!! I picked up my 2021 Corvette HTC on December 26. On December 27 the top would not close completely. Took it back to the dealer an hour away. Limited to 58MPH with the warning about the top not secure. They ordered parts. I got a call when they were attempting to repair it they found a screwdriver by the top latch assembly left from the factory. They ordered more parts and are waiting for them. I am waiting to hear from GM.

  2. Be nice if you could find one to buy at the dealer. This story means nothing when you can’t even get one. Unless you pay 20 grand over MSRP!

  3. I ordered mine in Dec 2019. I had to reorder a 2021. The first day my dealer could send it in was in July. The price went up $1500 even though I had put down a deposit. I have heard about dealers jacking up the price after an order was submitted. My dealer charged sticker price. I do understand supply and demand but it is crazy what some dealers are doing.

  4. I also ordered mine in Dec 2019, reordered a 2021 in early August, delivered to me on Dec 31 (number 450). My dealer also charged sticker price. Before I reordered, I did my research and found that GM held the base prices for 2021’s (all 3 trims) and increased the charge for several options – front end lift for example. In is likely that your dealer charged you sticker price.

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