Corvettes on Craigslist: Nostalgic 1973 Corvette Drag Racer


Corvettes on Craigslist: Nostalgic 1973 Corvette Drag Racer

This 1973 Corvette – labeled as a “Nostalgia Drag Car” by its current owner – certainly won’t win any “good neighbor” awards.

“When it starts up your neighbors will know,” according to a current ad on CraigsList out of the San Francisco Bay area.

Corvettes on Craigslist: Nostalgic 1973 Corvette Drag Racer

Those neighbors will also know that this car means business – or at least used to – if they happen to see it at the local drag strip, where the seller claims it ran impressive times in the 9’s back in the early ’80s.

“This car is an absolute beast!” the seller boasts.

This Corvette is also said to have been a showpiece years ago, but it’s been stored for most of its life, having been off the DMV system since 2012.

Corvettes on Craigslist: Nostalgic 1973 Corvette Drag Racer

We’re not told how long the current owner has been in possession of this dragster. Some folks are wondering why it doesn’t have a roll cage if it was a frequent visitor to the strip, and others question the seemingly stock appearance of its interior. Maybe the builder was just seeking the best of both worlds.

Originally listed for $30,000, this patriotic-looking Stingray has been reduced to $20,000, but the owner says he’ll also consider a trade for a Mustang GT500, Pro Street or Pro Touring car or drag car.

For that money, the new owner will get a car that certainly still looks to be an authentic dragster, sporting its red, white and blue livery that includes the names of AJK Enterprises on the rear fender and Mr. Auto Service Center on the hood. We wonder if anyone out there remembers seeing this car in action on a strip years ago?

Corvettes on Craigslist: Nostalgic 1973 Corvette Drag Racer

The ’73 Stingray was the last of the rear chrome bumper Corvettes and the first with the federally mandated rubber bumpers, and this particular example is said to have also left the St. Louis factory with a big block engine connected to a four-speed manual transmission. Today a portion of its current modified powertrain sticks up through a hole in the hood, with the owner giving this description of the setup: “BB 496, Auto 3500 stall, 2 Holley 750 center squirters, dual fuel regulators, heavy-duty axles, built factory rear end.”

Would you take this 48-year-old Stingray out to the drag strip or would you pass on this one and search for a more standard ’73?


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  1. Never been a huge fan of ’73s — prefer ’72 and older. However, this one looks like it would be cool to own — love the paint job. The ad is not overly informative. Doesn’t say if it runs, no pics of the interior or undercarriage (although your article says people have commented on the lack of a rollbar and how stock the interior looks — how do they know?).

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