XPEL Will Be Protecting the Paint on the C8 Corvettes at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School



XPEL announced this week a partnership that names the company as the official Paint Protection Film of the Ron Fellows High-Performance Driving School located at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club.

XPEL will be installing its ULTIMATE PLUS 10 on the school’s new C8 Corvette fleet. The 10 mil paint protection film will cover and protect the full hood, front fenders, front bumper, side mirrors, rocker panels, and aero blades. XPEL says its ULTIMATE PLUS film made of an elastomeric polyurethane is designed to prevent rock chips and light scratches. The film is self-healing and when exposed to heat, fine scratches and swirl marks will disappear over time.

We are excited to announce this new partnership with Spring Mountain and the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School,” said Robert Bezner, Vice President – Brand for XPEL, Inc. “New Corvette C8 owners are a core target audience for XPEL. Showcasing ULTIMATE PLUS 10 at the driving school will introduce the product to the school’s attendees, and is expected to generate significant buzz about the performance of our strongest paint protection film in the ULTIMATE PLUS product line-up.

XPEL’s paint protection will keep the Corvettes protected during their duty on the track. The Ron Fellows Performance Driving School receives new Corvettes which are then broken in to 1,500 miles on the odometer before they are put into duty. After a select amount of time and miles at the track, the cars are then sold and the process repeats.

“We’ve made a significant investment in our Corvettes and after each vehicle logs a few thousand miles around our track, we want them looking as new as the first day we took possession,” said Todd Crutcher, Director of Marketing at Spring Mountain. “Working with XPEL to install ULTIMATE PLUS 10 on our Corvettes will help maintain the original factory paint finish and drive maximum resale value after each C8 has met its useful life on our track.”

We note that XPEL has been branching out its partnerships as it attempts to reach new C8 Corvette owners. New Corvette owners who take delivery of their C8 Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum can now opt to have the paint protection film applied in Bowling Green.


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  1. Went to their website for price, WOW that stuff is EXPENSIVE, not including cost to install (you probably don’t want to try DIY). What’s it going to look like in a few years and how easy does it come off at that time? Would it stand up to the pressure washer spray at the coin-op car wash?

  2. Nice stuff but would you want to buy one of their vehicles after 4000 miles of track time? Been there for the program it’s only idle or WOT. It was a blast though

  3. Like to stay in the loop because I’m the owner of a C 8 HTC .
    180 miles Virgin😍😍😍😍

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